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  1. All wildcats (as in “wildcat” i.e. wild subspecies of Felis Silvestris and not any wild feline) have the same tabby color pattern except for minor differences in circle patterns on the tail, and markings that most people wouldn’t tell. I’ve even seen some clueless guy ask a question on YT on an European wildcat video “since when are tabbies endangered”.

  2. So many tabbies in my world.
    They can be of different colors and patterns.

    There are really only 5 patterns though:
    Mackerel Tabby
    Classic Tabby, sometimes called blotched
    Spotted Tabby
    Ticked Tabby
    Patched Tabby

    But, the telltale sign is the distinctive “M’s” on their foreheads. Some even have pencil lines that extend down the sides of their noses.

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