What does the rusty-spotted cat eat?

The rusty-spotted cat’s diet consists mainly of birds and small mammals, and possibly insects, lizards and frogs. This diminutive wild cat is also known to kill domestic chickens and ducks when the chance arises. This cat has an enormous appetite and is extremely fierce even though it looks incredibly cute and is very small weighing at about 5 pounds. It will eat 4 to 6 ounces of meat mixture and a dead mouse or chick every day in captivity.

Rusty-spotted cat with rodent in mouth
Rusty-spotted cat with rodent in mouth. Photo: V. Athreya. Sorry for the poor quality which is due to the small image size (enlarged).
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“This little creature flew at it the moment it saw it, seized it by the nape, and with difficulty took off.” – T.C. Jerdon in describing the meeting of an 8-month-old rusty-spotted cat with gazelle fawn.

“For its size, it is singularly vicious” – De Alwis.

Most of the information about the rusty-spotted cat comes from cats in captivity. There is more to know about the species. They walk rapidly and have quick darting movements. They appear to be speeded up versions of other small cats. It is believed that they are mainly nocturnal and spend most of the day resting in a hollow or under dense cover.

You can read a lot more about this cat by clicking on this link. Incidentally, this is the world’s smallest cat either domestic or wild if you exclude extreme selective breeding of cats by breeders in the USA. Occasionally these breeders produced extraordinary small cats but to the detriment of the cat’s welfare in my opinion.

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