What happened to Pete Doherty’s cat after he thrust a crack pipe in her face?

If you are a cat watcher you may remember an infamous but blurred picture of Pete Doherty, a supposed rock star but more a complete twat, thrusting a crack pipe in the face of his kitten. I believe that this example of cat abuse happened in 2007.

Pete Doherty offers crack cocaine to his cat 2007
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Pete Doherty offers crack cocaine to his cat 2007 (believed). Pic is in public domain.

It was reported that his cat was forced to suffer from his drug abuse. He was soaked in the full spectrum of drugs from cack cocaine to heroine via ketamine and therefore his home was in a fog of drugs.

We’re told that he made a mini-crack pipe (a device which delivers crack cocaine to the user) for his female cat out of a bottle. The picture on this page shows him holding it against his cat’s face.

Here is another picture of Doherty with a spliff and his cat:

Doherty and his cat

Doherty and his cat. Pic in public domain.

I have discovered what happened to the cat. I am pleased to say that inews.co.uk report that the kitten was rescued by the RSPCA. They must have got wind of the abuse perhaps via the media or the police who, I believe, were charging him with drug offences at the time. In the UK the RSPCA take over animal prosecutions from the police but there may be limitations.

The cat was named Sharky, a strange name for a female cat. Anyway moving forward more than 10 years, Sharky’s owner decided to give her up despite loving her because they ‘cannot house a cat during [the Covid-19] quarantine’. I am not sure what that means. It is very unclear. Perhaps it means that the owner has to go into quarantine because they are infected and decided that no one could care for their cat during that time. If this is the reason it doesn’t make sense because you stay at home for 14 days. There are no regulations concerning how to interact with your cat at that time. There is certainly no need to abandon your cat during self-imposted quarantine.

We know what happened to Pete Doherty’s cat because the cat’s owner advertised their desire to give away Sharky on social media. This was picked up by someone who wanted to do the opposite: adopt a cat during the Covid-19 lockdown for company. Let’s home the new guardian is just that, a cat guardian and that Sharky has found her forever home.

P.S. Doherty inability to care for companion animals was further made clear to us when he adopted Husky dogs and one of them attacked and killed a cat while out walking.


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