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  1. Although the Bible was written for mankind, it does mention animals with reference to Heaven, so why can’t their souls go there after death like human souls do? I believe animals go to Heaven also. To me, it wouldn’t be Heaven without animals.🙂

  2. Michael,

    Thanks for your thoughtful post.

    This whole idea of going over the Rainbow Bridge is a complicated one. Perhaps it serves to comfort someone who has just lost a dear cat.

    I don’t think that Tootsie (my beloved Maine coon poly) and I will meet in heaven.

    But, as for her having an “after life”, yes she does. She lives every day in my imagination and my thoughts and my memories. I may be remembering the first day she brought me a lizard (unharmed, a gift) or her silliness in using her poly paws to capture straws and then drop them beside my bed.

  3. “When I die I have instructed my executors to have my body cremated and the ashes placed with the ashes of my cats and then the entirety of the ashes to be released in the Himalayas where the magnificent snow leopard roams and where I can, in spirit, be with this representative of the true nature of the cat on this planet: wild and free.”

    I love your final wish, Michael. I want to be cremated also when I pass. I would love to have my ashes scattered in the Himalayas

    • Thanks. As it is for eternity I want the place to be great for me and the wild unspoilt wilderness of the Himalayas is nearest to God and the heavens. And I’ll be in the company of the beautiful snow leopard, a friendly cat.

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