What happens when a cat dies?

When your cat dies you can have him or her cremated or buried. Most people cremate their cat. It can be an individual or shared cremation. I choose an individual cremation. Then you can keep the ashes at home if you like. Or you can ask the executor of your will to make sure that they are placed with your body if it is buried or that the ashes are mixed with your ashes and then dispersed in an area of your choosing. There is no DNA left of your cat in ashes unless there are bone fragments or teeth et cetera. Some people might like to have their cat’s ashes converted into the keepsake of some sort because there are businesses who do this. As for the afterlife, that is a matter of self belief. Many cat owners will believe that there is an afterlife and that their cat goes over the rainbow bridge where they will meet their owner when their owner dies. I don’t believe that cats believe in the afterlife but I will leave you to think about that.