What info can you give me?

What info can you give me?

by TruXter

2months,7months 2 years

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2months,7months 2 years

Photos of Oreo

Here is my boy. He is now 3 years old, still the same dimensions as when he was 2 years old. His birth certificate says mutt. The pet place we got him from has been known for being careless, so there is no telling if they knew his breed but never cared to document it, or if his breed was available to them and they never cared to look.

When we got him he was the last cat in the building .He was in a cardboard box with 4 ferrets of various sizes. He seems to have had sinus issues for ever, notice his nose in all the pictures.

I have no idea what his breed is . I can't find anything helpful.

He is loving before he goes to bed but sleeps at my feet. He does a few tricks from verbal suggestions (he's a cat, you can't command them to do anything, but only suggest).

He learns fast. He still learns even at three years old. Names of people,toys, bagged or canned food, treats etc. I mean if I tell him "Jacob's got your treats". He will go to Jacob and scream. Which is mean to Jacob and Oreo. But amazing.

Jacob only comes over twice a month. I'm not sure if intellect has anything to with his breed so I am trying to explain his.

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I'll get back with a comment on this in the near future. Thanks for the posting.

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What info can you give me?

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Oct 15, 2008 Oreo's buddy
by: TruXter

I don't consider myself his owner. More like his buddy who happens to have thumbs.

his measurements i thought would show up in the picture
21 inch torso, 10 inch neck, 10 inch tail.
stands 13 inches from floor to top of shoulders.
weighs 20 lbs even. neutered.
the kitten photo shows how large his paws where as a baby and how large his ears are. He grew into them.
The kitten photo was about 2 weeks after we got him.

the two year photo was after his UTI. i wrote a huge blog on importance of detecting this and how to resolve it . The information i gave was what the doctor gave me and stuff I found on the net. So in the 2 year photo he was not feeling very well after the catheter and 3 day stay in the clinic. The doctor called him a Tom Cat. That kind of bothered me, even though they where great people who really did their job very well and saved my boy.
I just wish i could tell what mix he could be.

Oct 15, 2008 Oreo
by: Helmi

Oreo looks to be a Domestic Shorthair with the "Tuxedo" cat markings which means a Black and White BiColor Domestic Shorthair Male (or if he's neutered, he would be called an Alter).

Every cat, whether purebred or mixed breed, has his own personality, just like humans. And, just like humans, some are smarter than others, some are more "socialized" than others; it all depends on the individual (and sometimes the way the baby/kitten was played with and handled when very very young).

But when you take him to the vet, you can tell the staff at the Vet's Office that Oreo is a Black and White BiColor Domestic Shorthair Male (Alter if neutered) or Female (Spay if neutered).

Hope this helps!

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