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What is a blue-cream colored cat? — 5 Comments

  1. I have had 2 Blue cream kitties. The first was born in a litter of my orange/white cat. She had 2 orange tabby’s, one buff/cream color first. Then the 2 Torties, a blue cream/white, and a black/orange/white. Blues are always very lovable. I had her 15yrs. The 2nd one was a kitten abandoned behind my work place when the Mom was frightened by a worker using a jack hammer. I was told she had removed 3 others but was afraid to return.
    She had no white but a blaze of cream across her forehead, & patches on her legs. A vet said she was 3wks. old. We bottle fed her and it was wonderful watching her grow. Then I had her for 15 yrs! I had a Tortie before them, Actually two! They were not blues. One was a European Tortie Burmese. She was a little runt of a litter & liked riding on my shoulder. She left me at age 17. The other, I bought in a pet store for $10.& had her for 19yrs. Torties are amazing! I hope I can have one again.
    Regards, Pauline

  2. I’m glad there’s a special name for such a beautiful coloring. My very special baby was a blue cream. Thank you for brightening my day. 😊

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