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What is a blue-cream colored cat?

A blue cream colored cat is a dilute tortoiseshell cat (dilute tortie). The blue-cream colour is the dilute form of the tortoiseshell pattern. The blue replaces the black and the cream replaces the red color. The recessive dilute gene (dd) softens the colors.

Examples of dilute tortie cats. Photos in public domain. All the cats are non-purebred.

The book, Robinson’s genetics, says that this coat pattern differs slightly between America and Britain.

“In Britain, the colors of the blue-cream should be softly intermingled whereas in the USA preference is given to those cats with segregated patches of blue and cream.”

Variants of blue-cream colored cats

There are variants, namely: (1) Blue-Cream Shaded (2) Blue-Cream Smoke (3) Blue-Cream and White (4) Blue-Cream Point (5) Blue-Cream Lynx Point (6) Parti-Color Blue-Cream (7) Van Blue-Cream and White.

A former neighbor of mine owned a blue cream colored cat, Dana. There was a tortoiseshell wild cat! And dilute calicos are similar.

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  • I have had 2 Blue cream kitties. The first was born in a litter of my orange/white cat. She had 2 orange tabby's, one buff/cream color first. Then the 2 Torties, a blue cream/white, and a black/orange/white. Blues are always very lovable. I had her 15yrs. The 2nd one was a kitten abandoned behind my work place when the Mom was frightened by a worker using a jack hammer. I was told she had removed 3 others but was afraid to return.
    She had no white but a blaze of cream across her forehead, & patches on her legs. A vet said she was 3wks. old. We bottle fed her and it was wonderful watching her grow. Then I had her for 15 yrs! I had a Tortie before them, Actually two! They were not blues. One was a European Tortie Burmese. She was a little runt of a litter & liked riding on my shoulder. She left me at age 17. The other, I bought in a pet store for $10.& had her for 19yrs. Torties are amazing! I hope I can have one again.
    Regards, Pauline

  • I'm glad there's a special name for such a beautiful coloring. My very special baby was a blue cream. Thank you for brightening my day. 😊

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