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  1. Whilst cat caretakers don’t question their vet if so many vaccination boosters are necessary, most vets will keep on giving them yearly, they bring in lots of money!
    Just like monthly flea prevention treatments and 3 monthly worm prevention, we need to ask if they are really in the cats best interests.
    Cats are being injected with and smothered with chemicals and their natural immunity is declining.

    • Well said Ruth. Vaccinations have a place in cat caretaking but they are chemicals and there is a danger as you state. My personal opinion is that if we are a human or care for a cat we should minimise the pills and medicines taken. They can be necessary but there is a tendency for the medical profession (vet and doctor) to over prescribe because it is convenient and it makes money. The big problem with the vet profession is that the cat relies on the owner to speak up. How many are able to do that?

      We don’t know how many cats die or are injured through unnecessary vaccinations. I wish we did. It is a low percentage but something that should be borne in mind.

  2. Thanks for the valuable information in simple English and not much of “Medical Terminology”. I personally feel that vaccinations are required if your cat is a “OUTDOORS CAT” or you have a “Cattery” with many cats living together. a normal indoors cat can survive without vaccinations and my cats are living proof.I last vaccinated my cats as “Kittens”.

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