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What is a dilute coat color in cats? — 2 Comments

  1. I am trying to figure out my kittens proper color. She is a torbie with white. Am told mink. However, I can’t find what mink is diluted from….I’d guess chocolate. ???? Her mink is two-toned, meaning some is darker and the rest lighter, and her orange is very dilute….a soft peach. I’m wondering…..in her descriptive color, do I use “Dilute Mink Torbie with White?” or, is the color mink already explaining that she is “dilute” in both mink and cinnamon/red???
    Thank you!!

    • Wow, she is special 🙂 . Are you sure that the color mink is a dilute form of another colour? Sarah Hartwell says: Mink (Colour Restriction) – Intermediate between sepia and pointed; the points (face, legs, tail) are a darker version of main body colour.

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