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What is a leopon? — 5 Comments

    • Thank you Julia for asking. I am not sure that I can provide a good answer. There are very few cats of this type on the planet. They are all captive. Therefore there is little to go on. However, both the leopard and the lion are well known as are their characteristics. In fact the lion and leopard have very similar characteristics because are both big cats and both top predators and of course they are both cats. Although of course the lionesses lives in prides and the leopard is a solitary animal. That certainly has a bearing on how they behave.

      I would not expect this hybrid to have characteristics which are very different to those of the leopard all the lion. It will be a typical big cat with the usual cat characteristics which you can read about when studying the leopard all the lion or even a domestic cat. The domestic cat is very similar in behavioural characteristics to the big cats.

  1. I have to agree with you on your extract about the Jaglion.

    Nature is so varied and wonderous, why do humans have to keep buggering about trying to better what nature does so effectively over thousands of years?

    Something is always lost in these husbandry follies, these animals should not exist.

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