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What is a Lynx Point Siamese?

A lynx point Siamese cat has tabby markings within the usually pointing. The extremities of a Siamese cat are darker than the other areas. This is called ‘pointing’. The pointing colour varies and is nearly always a solid colour such as ‘seal’ (very dark brown) or ‘blue’ (a light bluish-grey).

Lynx point Siamese

But with the lynx point Siamese the pointed areas are broken up with tabby markings. The face of a lynx point Siamese looks very much like the face of a tabby cat.

What has happened is that breeders have introduced the tabby gene into a Siamese cat breeding line. Initially this appears to have been accidental. A purebred seal point Siamese mated with a tabby moggie. The resultant offspring was crossed with another seal point Siamese. This appears to have been the start of the lynx point Siamese.

You can see the presence of the tabby gene not only in the lynx pointing but by the classic tabby M mark on the cat’s forehead.

Both traditional and modern Siamese cats can be lynx pointed. I think that you’ll find that the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) only accept the classic solid pointing colors1 while The International Cat Association (TICA) allow a far wider range including lynx points and a lot of other varieties. However, the CFA accept a breed called the Colorpoint Shorthair which is to all intents and purposes a Siamese cat and which sports the lynx pointing and a wide range of other pointing colors and types.

The CFA don’t recognise the traditional Siamese including the Applehead. See a page on the types of Siamese cat (there are lots!).

Notes: 1. Seal, chocolate, blue and lilac. The lynx pointed Applehead Siamese photo is by Marie Clements.

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