What is a patched tabby?

People search Google for a response to the question: ‘What is a patched tabby?’. The answer is that a patched tabby is a two-toned tabby. Alternative names are, ‘tortoiseshell tabby’ or ‘torbie’ (a mix of the words ‘tortoiseshell’ and ‘tabby’).

So a patched tabby is a torbie. Click on the link below if you’d like to read and see more.

Torbie or patched tabby Siberian cat
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Photo: copyright Helmi Flick.

I regard this cat coat type as a merging of the tortoiseshell coat with tabby markings. It can be a subtle mix and sometimes I find it quite tricky to pick out a torbie. It depends on the mix.

However Esmeralda (above) is very much a torbie. She’s a Siberian show cat and a great example. She was bred by Prekrasne Siberian Cats.

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You can read my illustrated discussion on the difference between a tabby and a torbie by clicking on this link. And the difference between tortie and torbie.

Cat breeders have been busy and expanded the variations of the patched tabby. For example there are blue patched tabbies, blue silver patched tabbies and brown patched tabbies. You’ll also see white fur mixed in: patched tabby and white and dilute patched tabby and white (=blue tabby/cream tabby/white).

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