What is a tricolor cat?

What is a tricolor cat? Tricolor means three colours. The use of ‘tricolour’ is used in relation to the Japanese Bobtail:

The traditional Mi-Ke version is black, red and white. There is the dilute tricolor of which the three colours are blue, cream and white. The patched tabby-and-white is brown tabby, red tabby and white and the dilute patched tabby and white is blue tabby, cream tabby and white.

Tricolor cat - Japanese Bobtail
Tricolor cat – Japanese Bobtail. Photo copyright Helmi Flick
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The term ‘tricolour cat’ was first introduced by Leslie Williams in 1907. She referred to the ‘tortoiseshell-and-white’ or tricolor Persians.

Americans often use ‘calico cat’ to describe a tortoiseshell-and-white cat. Dilute calicos are popular (three colors: blue, cream and white).

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