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  1. Here is Iskender one of the random-bred Turkish cats you mentioned. He is now living the life of Riley in Texas. That’s quite a change from where I found him, in a dirty alley at the side of a big block of flats. From the first moment he was trusting and calm. I just picked him up took him home happily purring on my lap without the need for a carrier or any other kind of restraint. The term alley cat or random-bred is very misleading in that there is the assumption that they are mixed, but fail to state mixed with what. Actually they don’t have much choice but to breed with genetically identical cats which have been breeding together over hundreds or thousands of years. It is the pedigree cats that are mixed as DNA analysis has proved. Pedigree cats of the cat fancy are a complex mix of many breeds, such as the pedigree Turkish Angora which outside of Turkey carry the DNA markers of disparate cats such as the American (Western) short-hair and Oriental cats. They only maintain the M4/M4 (Turkey and the Middle East) semi-longhair gene through selecting the longer haired offspring from mixed litters. The much derided Western Moggies are obviously much purer than most pedigree breeds for the reason I have explained. The claim of purity and pure-bred is a cat fancy deception aimed at justifying high prices and exceptionalism.

    • Very nicely put. Thanks Harvey. Iskender is gorgeous. Wow. Do Americans contact you ask for a genuine Angora or Van which you arrange to rehome?

      • Yes i have a few followers in America and Europe who ask for genuine Turks. 2 more Angoras and 1 Van kitten will be going to America at the end of the year. Possibly another Van kitten will be going to Germany. Trilly is one of the Angoras set to travel.

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