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  1. Thanks, Michael,

    It’s good to hear from you also.

    Yes, I adore my communicator. She is a “Certified” animal Communicator, by the way, with years of training in many aspects of Communication and energy work. When Aki swallowed a foreign object and require surgery, she helped me- a lot to calm myself so I would be calm for him- in addition to sending Reike energy work and checking in with him several times. He healed VERY quickly, was eating and in high spirits. I consider her part of Aki’s health team.

  2. Michael, maybe you are both cynical and a realist. This said perhaps you haven’t had personal experience with an “honest” communicator. Sure, there are charlatans in just about every field. It’s so easy to profess to be an animal communicator and just very slyly ask the right questions that will make it easy to convey information from “Fluffy, and his or her needs. Some “communicators” are making a bundle of money and charge exhorbitant rates to have a chat with “Fido”. I have been very fortunate to have found a genuine communicator. She was recommended to me by someone I highly respect. I was very concerned about one of our kitties- so gave this Communicator a call. She asked me to send photos, asked me a little bit about the cat, and then told me she would contact me after she “chatted” with the kitty. Of course I was a bit skeptical but that phone call blew me away. I “neglected” to tell her about a kitty we adopted who was quite aloof and also a bit aggressive to our two resident cats. I had a feeling that this kitty would have preferred to have been adopted by someone who only wanted one cat. So when I was talking with the Communicator she happened to mention that the cat that I had contacted her about was very unhappy about a new arrival – a cat that was a bit aggressive and also aloof- making it hard for him to get to know her. The Communicator told me that this new kitty really needed to be in a one cat only home. THAT blew me away. I also did not tell the person who recommended to me that we had adopted a kitty. My relationship with her grew, and my confidence in her grew also. I have used her services several times, and she has always come through with information that I never even bothered to tell her. So there are honest communicators and quacks. So how to find an communicator that is honest can be difficult, but the good ones are well known as they have an excellent reputation. Recommendations from trusted friends is the best way to be sure that the “communicator” is genuine.

    • Thank you Jo for your story. I hope that you are well by the way. It’s been a long time since we communicated. I’m also pleased that you found an animal communicator who appears to be genuine. I happen to think that animal communicators are people who know animal behaviour very well like you and me and are able to deduce what is going on through their knowledge and their intelligence. I don’t believe that they necessarily need to be a psychic person. Be well and take care of yourself.

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