What is bad about declawing your cat?

What is bad about declawing your cat?

by Michael

What is bad about declawing your cat?

1. Cat feels pain – lots of pain.

2. You feel bad giving your cat lots of pain.

3. Vet plays a mind game pretending to himself he is doing the right thing.

4. Vet ignores his oath thereby damaging his integrity and standing in the community.

5. Cat feels more pain and can’t use the litter because it hurts and hurts and hurts.

6. Cat feels vulnerable and compensates by biting rather than scratching.

7. You get fed up with your cat who won’t use the litter.

8. Cat gets fed up with you as you try and get your cat to use the litter.

9. Cat goes to toilet on carpet.

10. You are fed up because you have to have the carpet cleaned professionally.

11. Cat starts to fight with other cat because she feels vulnerable.

12. You are fed up because there is war in the house.

13. Your cat feels more pain. She starts to limp.

14. You are fed up because you have to go back to the vet to find out why your cat limps. More money.

15. Ouch…you got bit today and that is the first time my cat did that.

16. You are fed up because your cat has changed. She used to love me.

17. You are annoyed because your vet didn’t warn you about the potential problems.

18. You are fed up putting newspaper in the litter tray which is a mess to clean up.

19. Six months later your cat is not the cat you knew and loved (loved?!).

20. You take your cat to the nearest shelter. This makes you feel bad but you suppress that and forget about it as soon as you can.

21. Your cat is black and can’t find a new home.

22. Your cat is euthanised…..

That is what is bad about declawing a cat. And I almost forgot..it’s illegal in many other countries, it is immoral, it is unnecessary and it cannot be justified by any right minded, decent person….

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What is bad about declawing your cat?

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Feb 15, 2012 I love this ! NEW
by: Ruth

A great comment by S on facebook group !!

‘What is bad about declawing your cat? I can show anyone who believes this very easily – I’ll come over to your house with tin snips, remove the first joint of each finger and voila! – no more problems with ingrown fingernails, hangnails, no need to get manicures, etc. Of course, typing, using the TV remote, etc., will be terribly painful, but hey – that’s the price you pay for convenience’

Feb 15, 2012 VILE and CRUEL NEW
by: Cat parent of 5

Declawing is a vile and cruel act which needs to be made illegal in every country.
What on earth are cat parents thinking of when they say the vet told them it was best for the cat?
Would they let the vet cut the cats tail or whiskers off if they said that was best too?
Everyone knows tails and whiskers have a purpose so why don’t they stop and think of claws having a purpose also?
Sorry I can’t get my head around anyone blaming the vet entirely.
A person who hands over their cat for declawing is as much to blame as the person who does the job.

Feb 14, 2012 EVERYTHING
by: Cat lover

EVERY mortal thing is bad about declawing your cat there’s no doubt about that and people who say ‘But I didn’t know what it was’ SHOULD have damn well found out!
They wouldn’t hand their kids over for surgery without knowing EXACTLY what happens no matter how much the doctor said ‘trust me I’m a doctor’

Trust vets who declaw?

I’d rather trust a poisonous snake!

Feb 14, 2012 Dreadful list but…
by: Barbara

…Heartbreakingly true. In the USA there must be a collective countrywide mindblock to all this though. How can something so cruel and devastating be accepted, advertised, asked for, paid for? I feel so sorry for the people who live in the US and are fighting against declawing, I know they get disheartened and depressed, it must feel like hitting their heads against the proverbial brick wall. I don’t think I could be civil to declawers or the butchers who do their dirty work for a vast profit.

Barbara avatar

Feb 13, 2012 All bad but not for vets who do it !
by: Ruth

Michael you are so right, EVERYTHING is bad about declawing your cat.
There is NOT ONE single GOOD thing in fact.

No, I tell a lie, I almost forgot the huge amount of money the vets who declaw make from their legalised abuse of cats, that’s certainly a good thing ……. but only TO THEM !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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