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What is behind the behavior of this male cat? — 5 Comments

  1. I agree. Looks like Daddy became excited by the sight of his kittens squirming around like that. You’re right, Michael, he’s not trying to stop or separate them. He’s very gentle with them. The closest thing to this behavior that I’ve seen was done several times by my Turkish Angora Angel. She was lonely and would play with her reflection in the mirror. Once I brought in her companion Ruby Angel stopped doing that behavior. They had each other to shadow box.

  2. I think you nailed it Michael, as usual. I’ve had a multiple cat household for twenty years and I don’t recall ever seeing any of them shadow boxing… not like this anyway. It may indeed be because mine have always had playmates, that they never resorted to shadow boxing to play-fight.

    • Thanks Albert. It is nice to have your support 😉 Sometimes I stick my neck out a bit and wait to be shot down. This feline behavior is unusual and you won’t find explanations for it in any book. We have to work it out ourselves.

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