What is Cat Mojo?

Jackson Galaxy
Jackson Galaxy. I don’t know who took the photo. It might be Lori Fusaro and if so thanks.
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Cat owners who know Jackson Galaxy might ask ‘What is Cat Mojo?’. It’s a key concept for Jackson. I’ll explain what Cat Mojo is in my own words because I have to in order to avoid violating his copyright. If you want it explained in his words, please buy his book Total Cat Mojo.

You can see by the way that Jackson always capitalises the phrase ‘Cat Mojo’ which is why I have done likewise.

Cat Mojo is linked to another of Jackson’s cat concepts: the Raw Cat. The Raw Cat is the wild cat beneath the veneer of the house cat. It is the cat who has all the characteristics and natural drives of the wild cat cousin of today’s house cats, feral cats and community cats. That wild cat cousin is the North African wildcat which looks very like a slender, large tabby cat. These instinctive behaviors are ever present in today’s cat companions despite almost 10,000 years of domestication.

Cat Mojo occurs when a house cat is able to express all of the natural, instinctive behavioural traits of the Raw Cat unencumbered by human interventions or restraints which results in a confident cat.

I’ll put it another way, touching on the language used by Jackson. Cat Mojo occurs when a house cat has ownership of his/her territory and is able carry out normal feline activities within that territory which is to hunt, kill, eat, groom and sleep and then re-start the cycle.

Clearly house cats can’t physically hunt when they are confined to the owner’s home which is where ‘catification’ comes in together with excellent cat ownership which in this instance means plenty of play as a hunting substitute. ‘Catification‘ is another of Jackson’s sayings. It means to create an environment which is highly suited to the house cat’s needs e.g. high vantage points through cat condos and runs, safe outdoor spaces etc..

I have used the phrase ‘respect the cat’ in the past. It is another version of the same objective. It means to recognise the house cat as a cat which is a whisker away from his or her wild ancestor in terms of character traits and to satisfy those hard-wired traits.

That is Cat Mojo explained in my words. If you have any questions or criticisms please express them in a comment. It part of Human Mojo to do so.

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