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What is Cat TV?

There are two versions of Cat TV; things that are happening on a television or computer screen and things that are going on live through the window. Either is fine but the former is better and is constantly changes. It is free too.

Cat TV – one version


For full-time indoor cats Cat TV is vital. Looking out the window is a glimpse at the natural world. Your cat’s entertainment can be maximised by placing things outside the window which attract domestic cat prey such as birds and squirrels. The window should become a destination for the family cat with a cat tree to climb and a perch with a cat bed to rest on plus the odd toy.

The window is the equivalent of live streaming video direct into the home. Cats get a hell of a lot of enjoyment out of watching garden happenings. Of course I don’t subscribe to creating an outside environment which exposes birds and other wildlife to predation by the family cat. For an indoor cat watching from the window there is no real predation just practice with jaw chattering.

Real TV

You can find videos on YouTube which shows birds feeding and which you can show your cat on a iPad, computer or smartphone. The comments indicate that it can entertain domestic cats. There are apps for iPads too which can engage indoor cats in play-hunt sessions. There are probably TV programmes for cats and dogs as well.

The Cat Sundial

The phrase ‘cat sundial’ was invented by Jackson Galaxy. He is referring to the way the sun moves across the sky and shines into the home through the windows. The owner should know how the sun enters their home and place what Jackson calls ‘scent soakers’ at these places. Scent soakers are objects such as cat bedding which contain a lot of the cat’s scent. Your cat will be attracted to these areas and be able to watch Cat TV from them to enrich his life.

Cat Window Boxes

These are constructions that you place in an open window. They fill the open space with a box which extends to the outside and with a grill on the front. It is 4K Cat TV with smells and vibrant sounds. Definitely recommended for indoor cats.


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