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What is considered cat hoarding? — 2 Comments

  1. I like the way you presented this quandary Michael. The subject does deserve balance. My first thought about it was the question of intent. While people who are ill mentally can mismanage their collection of cats and be technically guilty of cruelty, perfectly well intended people who do okay for years can suddenly find themselves in an untenable situation, and as cats get sicker it gets worse exponentially quickly. Even I with 14 cats at one point became swallowed up by it, but I only racked up big financial debt. I just think a new and different name should be used for folks who simply find themselves in over their head. I find it difficult to point fingers labeling someone a cruel criminal if they simply find themselves circling the drain along with the poor animals they alone are trying to save. They need help not condemnation. Cat haters are first in line to do such a thing too.

    • Completely agree with you. I sort of hinted at that. I think it is a tricky subject and the police and prosecutors should be very cautious in turning these people into criminals.

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