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What is displaced hunting in cats? — 4 Comments

  1. I’ll tell you a funny one. I threw down a treat for Oozy last night and he put his front paw on it and ripped it bites out one piece at a time. He never had a chance to learn that because he was 6-8 weeks old when we adopted him from the shelter.

    He got his name at the shelter because he had an oozing abscess on his back. The name just stuck.

    Our cat BJ was abandoned as a kitten and has been inside with his mom (both now spayed and neutered) since Labor day and he’s the best mouser we have. He doesn’t get to use his skills often but he definitely has them.

  2. I have only 4 cats and I can tell you each has a different level of prey drive. Wand toys are a great way to let them hunt. And get some exercise. As said before when the unwary non harmful bug gets in I don’t interfere with nature.

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