What is funny about frightening your cats?

This is an example of the kind of silly and desperate cat video that I don’t like. The whole ethos is about frightening your cat for kicks to try and grab some YouTube views and make a few bucks. It is pathetic really. It happens quite a lot; the mild abuse of domestic cats by wannabe celebrity cat owners who live vicariously through their innocent cats.

What is funny about frightening your cats?
What is funny about frightening your cats? Screenshots.
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The owners want celebrity and/or money and they don’t really mind if the price is frightening their cats or making them anxious. They can do better. They can use their imagination and try and make a cat video in which they don’t laugh at their cats’ temporary fear but show off their benefits and skills. Of course, it is far harder to do the latter but some achieve it.

Note: This video may disappear one day, perhaps quite soon as it appears to have been downloaded against the maker’s wishes and uploaded to YouTube unless it is the maker who did this. If it no longer works, please click this link if you are interested which takes you to the original hosting website for the video. Note 2: the link may break too in due course!

One person is a woman who trains her cats. She makes great videos. Training cats takes patience but it is good for them and good for the relationship. That is the kind of video I prefer.

Another kind of video I detest is the fake kitten rescue in which a kitten is deliberately placed in a precarious situation which threatens their life and the unscrupulous video maker proceeds to film himself rescuing the endangered kitten. This is genuine cat cruelty punishable in the criminal courts which never happens.

Sometimes YouTube delete the video after a considerable amount of effort. This video in question is crass in the extreme as it is titled: Hilarious moment kittens are freak out by owner wearing cat mask.

Firstly, they are not kittens but adult cats. Secondly for people who wants to do their best for cat welfare this is not ‘hilarious’. It is not even funny. It is cheap and silly.

The video maker said: Ponca City, October 2021. ‘We decided to prank our cats with a big cat mask, lured them with sweets and they came to the call, then ran away in fear. Don’t worry, they are fine and they got their treats.’

Not good enough.


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