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What is stud tail?

What is stud tail? This is a feline and canine condition which is not dissimilar to feline acne. I’ll refer to the feline variety here. It is caused by an over secretion of the sebaceous glands. It occurs most commonly in a neutered male cats. It is located on top of the tail near its base. If you part the hair there you might see a waxy brown material which has accumulated. Sometimes the hair follicles become infected. The hair might be matted and greasy and there may be an odour. Sometimes the hair falls out. It can also occur in females and neutered males.

Feline stud tail — Photo:

The treatment, subject to seeing your veterinarian which is essential in my view, is to wash the tail twice a day with medicated shampoo. Baby powder should be sprinkled on the base of the tail. The skin might be infected in which case you have to treat it as if you are treating an abscess. Once again that’s a matter for a veterinarian. Stud tail is a chronic condition requiring regular management. Under veterinary guidance oral retinoids may be used in bad cases.

‘Oral retinoids are medications working through the vitamin A pathway’. – DermNet NZ.

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