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What is the Assisi Loop?

The Assisi Loop® is an anti-inflammatory device which reduces pain in animals. It is used in conjunction with other treatments such as pain medication. It is FDA cleared. It is non-invasive and a non-pharmacological treatment. It is said to be a proven and effective.

Perhaps one of the best reviews is by a lady in Ohio, America who looks after two Newfoundland dogs. She is a vet tech and her name is Jennifer Costello. She used the Assisi Loop to control and ameliorate one of a dog’s pressure sores. She received the device free of charge if she wrote a review and I can tell that she has written an honest review. She says that the device helped to reduce the pressure sore which looked horrible but it has improved. She says that she saw a noticeable change in the injury within about a week. Before that there was no change for two months using standard methods.

The Assisi Loop can be used for cats with arthritis, IBD and even pain from urinary tract infections apparently.

The Assisi Loop creates an electrical field. This causes in microcurrent to flow into the tissue which in turn causes a set of biological processes which in turn produces an increased production of nitric oxide, a key chemical in the healing process.

I should mention that Jennifer also says that it can be used for treating feline idiopathic cystitis and it was used to treat a kitten with a front leg amputation. It obviously has a wide range of uses in controlling and reducing pain and inflammation.

The device was developed by Asissi Animal Health. Cats hide pain because of their ‘hide and survive’ mentality inherited from their wild cat ancestor living in North Africa and the Near East.

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