What Is the Best Indoor Cat?

People ask Google “What is the best indoor cat?”. For me, and it’s a personal decision, the best indoor cat will be a blind cat. This cat can be either purebred a random bred. If you are the sort of person who really must let a cat roam around outside because you believe that it is essential for the domestic cat to be allowed to do that then even you will have to accept that a blind cat should be confined to the indoors and perhaps in addition an outdoor cat enclosure of reasonable size. Therefore under these circumstances cat confinement is more satisfying and devoid of potential guilt.

What I’m saying in a roundabout way is that when you have a blind cat you are pretty much obliged to keep that cat confined for the cat’s safety. We know that blind cats can behave quite normally within familiar surroundings because they get to know where furniture and other objects are.

In an ideal world, I would add an outdoor enclosure, as mentioned, of reasonable size so that the blind cat can go outside safely as well and smell the air, feel the grass under his feet and hear the sounds of nature.

Of all the purebred cats I would suggest that the Ragdoll or perhaps the British Shorthair are the best for full-time indoor life. Some breeders, perhaps all Ragdoll cat breeders will suggest that adopters keep their cat inside. Their inherently laid-back nature predisposes them to a reasonably content life in a confined environment.

Persians and British Shorthairs are also said to be suitable for indoor life. But you can’t get over the natural logic of keeping a blind cat confined. There should be no guilt in doing it. The blind cat owner should be encouraged to do it and enjoy what they have done. That is not to say that they should not make a special effort to entertain and make life as stimulating as possible.

Although it might be difficult, I also feel that a cat companion for a blind cat is a good idea. The ideal scenario I’d dream of is a sighted cat mentoring a blind cat. The hard part is ensuring that they get along and I’m not sure how you ensure that.

Cats that don’t get along very well will tolerate each other but I would like more than that. I want them to be friends. They say that if you keep a new cat for a week that cat will get along with the existing cat because they will learn to tolerate each other and they may even like each other. I’m not sure though whether you ever really know for sure how they feel about each other unless it is blatantly obvious through behave.

P.S. In America, veterinarians who declaw cats say that these cat should be confined to the indoors. This is because they are no longer able to defend themselves from predators. You have to agree that logic. However, it is illogical to declaw a cat at the behest of and for the convenience of the cat’s owner. So the suggestion really is null and void because the cat should not have been declawed in the first place.

P.P.S. I love blind cats. I feel sorry for them because their lives are more difficult but I love them because they are more vulnerable and it would give me pleasure to look after a blind cat, to make his life good and happy, to give him a full life; as full as possible. There must be a lot of rewards in looking after a blind cat. Many people would agree with me.

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3 thoughts on “What Is the Best Indoor Cat?”

  1. I had a deaf cat and I want a blind cat.

    On another note it’s nice to have cats who put the cap back on the toothpaste when they’re done and keeps their mitts off my yogurt in the fridge.

  2. Also a deaf cat or an older cat who doesn’t move well.

    I had a blind cat a very long time ago. He ruled the roost. Several of our other cats tried to help him get around. Most of the time, Blue would push the guide cat out of his way and move right along. At other times he accepted their help. I still miss him.

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