What is the Cat In the Carmax Ad?

What is the Cat In the Carmax Ad?

by dindoung1@gmail.com

Serval – Is this the cat I’ve been seeing in the carmax “dramatically smart” campaign?

I know this isn’t a discussion board but that cat is so gorgeous that I just want to know more about it.

Hi… Yes, this cat is a serval. The size and deep contrasty markings on the coat plus the very clear white high contrast “ocelli” (markings on the ear flaps) indicate clearly that this cat is the wild serval.

It might just be confused with an F1 Savannah but, this ocelli on a Savannah are more muted as are the coat patterns.

Servals don’t make good pets. They are too big and despite the fact that they can be domesticated they are essentially wild cats and can be scary to some people. Some people delaw them – ridiculous. Just don’t adopt, simple. That said they can be pretty well domesticated.

The serval in the ad must have been a pet or domesticated serval.

Here is the video of the ad for those who have not seen it:

Hope this helps.

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