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What is the difference between a cat and a feline?

A cat is a feline and a feline is a cat. Therefore there might not be a difference but it depends on how these words are used as they have different uses. The word “feline” can be a noun and an adjective while the word “cat” is a noun. There is an overlap in the use of the words.

Origin of word “feline”.

Here are some examples in sentences.

  • Feline and cat used as nouns in one sentence: A cat is a feline and a feline is a cat.
  • Feline used as an adjective and cat used as a noun in the same sentence: The high filial Bengal Cat has a wild feline character.
  • Feline used as an adjective: Ms Smith moved with feline grace.
  • Feline used as an adjective and cat as a noun: This cat has feline cancer.
  • Feline used as noun: Ms Smith’s cat is a superb and graceful feline.
  • Cat used as an adjective in a hypenated word: Ms Smith was cat-like in her movements.
  • Cat used as a noun: Ms Smith owns a cat.
  • Cat used as a noun: The Maine Coon is an American cat breed.

Origin of word “cat”‘

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