What is the difference between the York Chocolate and Tiffany cats?

by Ricardo Delgado

Hello to all, I was reading the description of both, the York chocolate cat and the Tiffany, and they seem to be alike. Would someone please let me know what the differences between the two are?

Thanks, Ricardo Delgado

Hi Ricardo… thanks for visiting and asking…although I wish you hadn’t asked actually because this is a tricky question.

I’ll tell you why I find the answer hard to come by.

The definitive answer to the question should be obtainable from the cat associations that register the breeds concerned.

You can check out which associations register the breed, how they describe the breed and importantly compare breed standards. The breed standard is the cat association’s guide as to the appearance of the cat concerned. It’s purpose is to guide breeders and judges. They are quite loosely drafted however.

In this instance the Canadian Cat Association (CCA) registers (meaning accepts and recognises) the York Chocolate cat breed.

But on their page about this breed there is nothing except a picture of a bicolored (mainly white and spots of black or are they chocolate? – I can’t tell) version of this cat. Clearly the York Chocolate need not be entirely chocolate coloured!

If you go to the World Cat Federation (WCF) website (a European cat association) they register a cat called the “York”. They have a http://web.archive.org/web/20120424153916/http://www.wcf-online.de/en/Standard/Semilonghair/york.htm (link broken) breed standard and it includes a colour restriction to chocolate and lilac, chocolate and lilac with white.

I don’t know if the York Chocolate at the CCA is the same cat as the York at the WCF as the CCA have no breed standard on their site.

The Cat Fanciers Federation (CCF) also have nothing on the York Chocolate but it is a breed that is recognised by this association.

Confused? I am. I find it strange that associations that accept and register a breed have no information about it on their website when the other cats that they register are also listed and described.

As to the Tiffany I see no evidence that this breed is accepted by a cat association. That is possibly incorrect but the evidence is not on the internet at first glance. Remember the names of these cats are confusing and overlapping too.

I cannot therefore discover a breed standard for this cat and that by the way is why people with random bred cats have cats that are the same as a Tiffany and can lay claim to the fact that their cat is a Tiffany.

One difference has come to light. The Tiffany has these coat types/colours: solid, mackerel, ticked, and spotted tabby.

The York Chocolate (if the WCF “York” is a York Chocolate) has different allowable coat types/colours (see above).

The conclusion that I make after my fairly brief research is that the origins are different for these breeds and the allowable coat types are different. There are probably other relatively fine differences.

However, the other differences are not clear because the cat associations do not provide clear descriptions/standards.

These two breeds are hardly recognised it appears. The York Chocolate is more recognised than the Tiffany as far as I can tell.

They are what I have called “fringe cat breeds”. These sorts of cat breeds sometimes fade away and become “extinct” over time because breeders stop breeding them.

My answer is poor and perhaps a breeder would very kindly assist.

When I wrote the original breed descriptions I remember that at that time there was a lack of clarity and your question highlights this.

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Mar 09, 2011
Breed differences
by: Robby

Hello there,
Aside from origin and breeding programs I also think the biggest difference is coat color. Chantillies and Tiffanies seem to be different names for the same breed. The Chantilly has Experimental Status in ACFA, but no mention of Tiffany. The ACFA info that I found says they are bred in chocolat, blue, fawn and cinnamon, solid and tabby pattern. By the way,they REALLY need to get a better photo for their site. The one they have looks like the cat and kittens need groomed and bathed. The York Chocolate on the other hand is only bred in chocolate and lilac solid and bicolor. They are both beautiful cats regardless of what their differences and acceptance. Hope that helped-Cheers!


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  1. The Chantilly-Tiffany is only accepted in one color; and that color would be “dark chocolate” brown and this breed has been and always will be only be accepted as of “dark chocolate” brown!!!!!

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