What is the most frustrating thing about being a veterinarian? They tell us.

Perks of working at an animal hospital
Perks of working at an animal hospital. Photo in public domain.
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In summary the most frustrating thing about being a veterinarian is the behaviour of the animals’ owners.

Specifically what frustrates veterinarians the most are owners who:

  • take the advice of their veterinarian on a product and buy it elsewhere believing it to be cheaper
  • ask for free medical advice at parties etc. especially when they are not clients
  • don’t show up for an appointment
  • are too self-important and expect a special service
  • are irrational
  • think that owning a pet should not cost them any money and expect a free service
  • post unreasonable negative reviews on the internet
  • check the DNR box for their pets hospital stay when the medical condition is curable and manageable
  • go to Dr Google for answers and give their vet a hard time because of it
  • don’t think veterinarians are doctors
  • lie about their pet’s illness
  • expect blood tests to take 2 mins
  • prefer to let their pet die rather than treat them over several days
  • leave unwanted pets outside the clinic and run

P.S. the one in bold is the most common cited.

Happy vet and patient
Happy vet and patient

Non-owner issues:

Accepting when life is unfair as when a boxer dog developed cancer soon after being adopted and who was euthanised after one year. There were tears all-round. Euthanising companion animals before old age is tough for some vets and vet staff.

Source: this is a tight précis of a Quora.com post.

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