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  1. Please get a high-school education in matters of science. Latin is used because it is considered a “dead language”. Words in Latin do not change their meanings over time (as do commonplace words today in our “living languages”; the “net” no longer commonly refers to a fish-catching device, unless used in that specific context, “cable” doesn’t most commonly refer to a steel-rope for pulling a vehicle, for the same reasons), nor are new words added-to or invented for the dead-language of Latin. There is no “facetime” nor “selfie” in Latin. This ensures that meanings used for species nomenclature do not change over time. THAT is why Latin is used in the scientific community for scientific-names of species. But then you’d know all this if you ever got to a freshman’s class in high-school at some point in your life. This is common-knowledge in a freshman’s required class of Biology-101.

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