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What is the personality of the Russian Blue cat?

The Russian Blue cat has a sweet, gentle and shy personality. They are said to be easily startled and prefer delicate handling. As a consequence they can be cautious with strangers but as expected they make loving and excellent companions to their human guardians.

Photo: Russian Blue European type.

Russian Blues appear to prefer the security of their home and their human family. We are told that they are content to be indoor cats and sit at their favourite window to watch the world go by.

Russian Blues of Russia and America

Gloria Stephens in her book “Legacy of the Cat” tells us that they do not need much space in order to feel comfortable and are intelligent. They are particularly receptive to playing games and being trained.

JD Salinger, the author of the famous novel The Catcher in the Rye lived with Russian Blue cats. Wikipedia has no mention of this but you can read about it on this website by clicking on this link. Salinger became reclusive after the attention he received from the success of his book. This must have been a pleasant turn of events for his cats who would have liked the calm.

JD Salinger and Russian Blue. Photo of cat: copyright Helmi Flick. Photo of Salinger in public domain.

Being sensible, you would have to recognise the fact that it is unreasonable to suppose that all cats of the Russian Blue breed are identical in their personalities. That’s impossible. So the description above is in general terms. Also, it must be reasonable to state that as personality is moulded by experience as well as being inherited, over time, an adopted Russian Blue may change in character if they are for example in a particularly loving home and if the breeder didn’t do a great job in terms of socialising her cats.

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