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What is the possibility of being attacked by a mountain lion? — 3 Comments

  1. What are the chances of being attacked by a Mountain Lion? This isn’t exactly easy to answer. Under normal conditions, slim to none. Humans aren’t on the preferred Cougar menu. Fortunate for this, because no large cat is stealthier. A better answer would be it depends on the cat and the location. I live in Western Washington, where we have many, and they grow much larger than normal. But we also have plenty of food. An old cat that can’t hunt, or a juvenile that is orphaned and isn’t good at it should be avoided at all costs. Same applies to a mother with young. All others are almost friendly to humans. Just remember that any cat over 50 pounds is probably 40 times stronger or more than a human.

    In regions with less food, like Nevada, these rules will change. Fortunately, the cats are smaller. Cougar are listed as topping out around 160 pounds, which reflects on where authors usually live. You can find them up to 250 pounds here. For the most part, I wouldn’t worry about it. If one puts you on the menu, you’ll never know anyway. I doubt there has been more than 50 attacks since 1900. Does that help?

    • Thanks Tim for taking the time to pass on your knowledge. Much appreciated. As you say cougar attacks are so rare they can almost be forgotten about. Attacks by domestic dogs are far more common and can equally dangerous I would say. One aspect of this is that the cougar is quite a shy cat. It has domestic cat qualities and can be domesticated. It does not want to attack people unless the circumstances are exceptional. I hope people can continue to successfully live in harmony with it despite human population growth. Historically, the human pushes out the wild cat.

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