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What is this Chinese cat? — 23 Comments

  1. had NO right, sorry, so upset and angry I didn’t notice my typo, all it is lately is dead animals/birds/fish proudly displayed by those who murder them!

  2. I don’t care what breed the cat is, that smirking rotten scumbag had to right no kill him/her, it makes me sick that animals lives are so worthless to evil monsters like him.

  3. Thanks for backing me on this one_
    Right now I Love The Poor Cat and Though hate is
    a strong word for me to use—I Do Hate this Human.
    Wonder if he can be declawed or is there a more appropriate word for the castration of this human ?

  4. Markings look like either a small Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) or a large Marbled Cat (Felis marmorata), and not an Asian Goldencat (Felis temminckii)

      • I’ve seen a Marbled Cat (from Thailand) that looked to be about that size (and the person holding it looks quite diminutive himself); although her size was mostly fur and she was actually much smaller than she appeared.

        • Yes, could be a marbled cat. It is a rarer cat than the leopard cat so less likely. The leopard cat is distributed across a wider area. The facial markings would have helped but we can’t see them. This cat has a big head, which is against the argument that it is a leopard cat. I wonder if it is a hybrid.

  5. I know that China is a distant country, but this happens elsewhere too.
    So, the only solution that this guy (he looks like a kid) could come up with was to kill the cat that he should never have had in the first place. It seems to be more and more acceptable for humans to just eradicate/kill any dilemma causing agent, whether animal or human.
    What I hate most of all is what is happening with our children today. Killing seems almost natural to them.
    I tremble to think of what would have happened to me had I harmed any animal or, god forbid, threatened a teacher or any other human. It wouldn’t have been good. Being beaten until I bled comes to mind.

    • I know that China is a distant country, but this happens elsewhere too.

      Yes, there are many people like him, with his attitude.

      Dee, you make a very poignant remark about killing becoming more acceptable and I think you are correct. We are bombarded with it and kids are through TV and violent video games. Disposability includes killing and almost anything is disposable.

  6. I would say it’s a wild cat/ Young golden asiatic from the Black Market. It was easy to handle for probably only a few months at best. May even have been a rare type of sub-species.We will never know for sure .
    What a shame this ignorant man took this beautiful cat’s life when he could have tried to find him or her a better home. Why do people of this nature end up with something precious that they are allowed and tempted to destroy.
    Yes-I am more than a bit angry.It appears that he has just performed a clean kill on this cat right before the proud photo_? Anyone else see this ?

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