What Is Wrong With Grumpy Cat?

I’ll tell you what is wrong with Grumpy Cat – people; that is what is wrong. People exploiting a cat with bone deformities that appear to be throughout her body including her jaw, which gives her the grumpy appearance. I know I am being grumpy myself but I don’t get all this hype and nonsense about this cat who appears to be ill to me. She appears to be in discomfort. No one has discussed that point. People are assuming she is fine.

Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat. Screenshot from video.
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Putting aside for a minute the bone deformities and the strange grumpy expression, she seems unhappy. In one video the cat’s owner is playing with her and she lacks interest. In another we see her walking on the carpet. Her gait is uncomfortable and her legs look deformed. She heads straight for a little hiding place. This video has 1 million views. What is so fascinating about seeing a small, ill cat struggling to walk and then hiding? She is probably getting away from the ruddy video camera that is hounding her day and night.

Grumpy cat whose name is Tardar Sauce has been on television and a YouTube channel is dedicated to her.

Look, I am just pointing out an alternative viewpoint. I don’t think it is right to do all this videoing for the delectation of the masses without checking her medical condition. Has anyone provided a full report on her medical condition? If not her caretaker should have.

You can’t make money out of your cat if she is ill. It appears she is a dwarf cat, possibly a Munchkin. She also seems to be Snowshoe cat but might not be purebred. She may be a purebred Munchkin with a Snowshoe coat which is pointed (dark extremities) with white fur on the points due to the piebald gene. Update: there is a page on this site about Grumpy’s parents. We are told that she is random bred. Mother: calico. Father: mackerel tabby. Both are normal looking cats. It is hard to believe they created Grumpy.

The medical condition that dwarf cats suffer from is called achondroplasia. It is caused by a genetic mutation. As can be seen in the video it causes shorted limbs. The body is normal sized. The big issue is whether this condition affects other parts of the body. And the answer is yes, it does.

There are numerous other medical issues, at least potentially. As I mentioned the jaw appears to have become deformed resulting in a downward curvature of the mouth. Some other health problems associated with achondroplasia are inward curvature of the spine (lordosis) and a distorted chest cavity (pectus).

There are other possible severe medical conditions that can afflict a dwarf cat. Click on this link for a full discussion on dwarf cat health issues.

I am not saying that Grumpy Cat suffers from these health problems. I don’t know. However, she seems ill and unhappy. Under these circumstances it is wrong to exploit her for money. Making a large number of videos of her and incorporating adverts into the videos can make a decent amount of money if there are lots of views.

One last point. This cat was probably bred deliberately knowing the cat would be a dwarf cat. That appears to compound the dubious ethical standards associated with the whole human circus surrounding this vulnerable and cute cat.

I’m a grumpy old man. I understand grumpy cats.

Update: Since writing this the exploitation has escalated dramatically, with photo-shoots and a movie in the pipe line. Statements by the owners about giving some money to charity are meaningless. A lot of money is being made and this cat is being hawked around the place like a commodity.

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267 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With Grumpy Cat?”

  1. I’m pretty sure her owners take care of her medically…they’re not required to make that public knowledge so your insistence that someone provide a medical report on her is RIDICULOUS. I had a cat with dwarfism once; short Munchkin like legs though she wasn’t totally full size and she was fluffy with orange, black, brown and white fur. Neither of her parents shared these features. She was perfectly fine. She was, however, one grumpy arse cat but without the cute pout. Just because the kitty has an underbite doesn’t mean something is inherently wrong and her owners say she’s actually a very affectionate feline. The problem is humans: nosy ones.

    1. Well, this article was written a long time ago at the beginning of her fame. I don’t recall asking for a medical report. It is still about exploitation no matter how it is discussed. That’s the bottom line as far as I am concerned.

  2. Michael, you are one of the most narrow-minded person I have ever come upon in my life. I would have more respect for you had you written your article as a piece for critical argument, but from your responses to people who disagree with you displays that you only wrote this article to find people that agree with you. I have read a couple of people who responded very well and you unquestioningly chose to stick to your article completely without really putting strong responses forth. Your responses are utterly pathetic. I’m not even going to argue with you because you are a conservative that one cannot make a point unless they agree with you. “Sorry you are wrong.” is not an argument. “Smart comment. I like it because it is smart.” Was it really a smart comment or was it only smart to you because he was on your side? The person who you referred to as “smart” was an ass (ironic because this person is humiliating Melly similarly to how you think Grumpy cat is through memes and photoshopping). Before telling anyone to reassess their thoughts and beliefs you should reevaluate yourself. I like how you promote yourself as being a person who cares for the well-being of animals, but you obviously lack the sympathy for people. Melly was whole-heartedly sharing her experience and you completely negated her experience. You are not the only one who has experienced a relationship with an animal companion, and their experiences are just as legitimate of an argument as yours is. Case in point, your responses are poor and are antagonizing rather than thought provoking. From your responses, decent is the farthest thing that you are. You yourself are living a “pipe-dream” if you think people can survive in this world by making money the “right way” whatever that may mean. Their apparent exploitation is helping out other animals, do you mean to save one cat from a couple of photos or videos above hundreds to thousands of other animals that can be saved from abuse and being put down? If you want to talk about humiliation get your information from the horses mouth and first find your humanity by talking to a minority, low-income person, disabled person, a heavy person etc. and ask them what humiliation really means because that cat is being adored and idolized. The money that cat is bringing in is taking care of him, other animals, and omg its caretakers. Just because you become a caretaker doesn’t mean your needs go out the window (they are human and live by norms, needs, and expectations). Should parents shield their child from the world and avoid anything the child dislikes (broccoli or going to school)? Animals can be expensive (I know I spent upwards of $600 on my own companion animal) and had I had more money I could have done more for him, but I don’t have unlimited funds nor does everyone else on this planet who has a companion animal. This cat is set for life and so are its CAREtakers. Emphasis on the care part because they are caring of him.

    1. I am sorry but I disagree with you. I still feel the same way. I am entitled to my opinion and I am very broad-minded I feel. I always think out of the box which indicates broad-mindedness. I am happy to read counterarguments. If I was truly narrow minded I’d delete the comments that disagree with me and not publish them. Including yours which contains an insult.

      For me this cat is being exploited. I find it odd that people are able disagree with that because it is obvious.

      Their apparent exploitation is helping out other animals

      How are other animals being helped? The exploitation encourages further exploitation. Don’t you understand that? It treats animals as commercial assets and disrespects them. It is a mentality and your mentality is clearly a million miles from mine.

      It is said that Grumpy cat has made $100 million from her owner. How much of it has gone to animal charities?

  3. I’m glad to see that the kitty is able to walk.I feel sorry for the little guy getting his picture taken every minute.I believe he’s actually in a Christmas movie now.Well I pray this kitty is not in much pain.

  4. I feel awful FINALLY. Not to say that I am not a cat lover (which I am) or an animal fanatic. However, with all that social media has done to make Grumpy Cat’s expressions seem so normal I never thought twice about the downside. The downside is, that as a cat family member (I have 2 of my own) I would never expose them to environments I cannot control. Their wellbeing, happiness, comfort are always my major and first concerns. I think it is wrong to try to make normal, or make fun in some cases of someone or something to get noticed. I can only imagine the stress and angst that that cat, well both now. Bubs and Grumpy are feeling. They are forced to be around new people and environments everyday, essentially moving from what their day to day is just to see how they interact with someone? While people who care are no longer anything more than an extended eyeball with a giant camera with a record button? I hope they feel loved and feel safe but I know my babies would be mortified, no wonder so many videos show these cats scared and seeking refuge under something to detach them from the situation.

    1. Hi Cassidie. I couldn’t have put it better. This exact point I was making. It is alien to the domestic cat to be hawked around strange places and be handled by hundreds of different people with cameras and flash and then pushed through a film and photo shoots for advertising. Cats like routines, some quiet and their own places where they feel secure. I received many comments criticising me but it seems obvious to me that Grumpy Cat is being exploited. It is undeniable as far as I am concerned.

  5. OH MY FREAKING GOSH! You guys argued for a year over this? It’s so simple!
    First, God created animals, so respect God’s creations.
    Second, instead of wasting your time ranting and using rude words to show everyone that your opinion is “obviously better”, you should be using your time to try to find Tardar and get into contact with her care takers. That way you would really find out what is happening and you wouldn’t have to be taking wild guesses. If you really care, find the facts. It’s so simple.

    1. Thanks Lucy for sharing your thoughts. The life of Tardar is so well publicised thanks to the owners that I am not sure we can learn much more from a chat with them. Also the article was about the obvious and what was presented to us: exploitation as I see it.

      I would hope you agree because you say we should respect God’s creatures. I don’t see that taking place in respect of Tardar because she is being used to make money and cats don’t like being hawked around the place.

    2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      No one is arguing, the simple truth is that the cat is being exploited for financial gain and that is wrong.
      It doesn’t take a genius to see how unhappy she is at being handled by idiots who want to hold her for a photo of themselves trying to make their face look like hers. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the noise and publicity upset her. The first video I saw of her creeping away under the furniture to get away from the camera was enough to convince me she is unhappy and the videos I’ve seen since haven’t changed my mind.

  6. Are you guys high? I don’t think the cat cares as long she is getting love,medical attention and food. You’re all stupid hippies.

    1. Thanks for commenting but you don’t understand cats like we do 😉 Or people. People shouldn’t exploit cats like this. “Stupid hippies”. We might be hippies but we are not stupid!

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        If I’m a hippy I’m proud of the fact lol It’s people like you who don’t care about the exploitation of that poor cat who are stupid, not us.

  7. I am a state and federally licensed rehabber (wild and domestic) with both a Vet daughter and a Vet daughter in law (MSU). All of us agree you refuse to see the point. Let me make it as clear as I can for you…. I have a cat I adore… You or most likely SOMEONE you know loves their cat… My cat has a urinary tract issue that makes him unusual (1 in 6-8 cats) but do I video him peeing him because he looks ” grumpy” when urinating or randomly during his day when having bladder spasms? HELL NO. You people who see pets as properties do not deserve them.

  8. Michael is a holier than thou retard. I wouldn’t listen to him for a second. “Exploitation” what a jackass. How insulting to all the animals out there that are truly exploited. News flash, taking pictures and videos of you giving love to your deformed cat for other’s entertainment isn’t exploitation. I don’t think you people even know wtf exploitation even means.

    Plus the family donates a shit load to charities. They’ve saved thousands of animal lives. Noooo that doesn’t matter though right? Because how dare they take pictures of their animals!!

    You say you are the “true animal lovers” Hah. ….(the rest has been deleted by admin)

    1. Hi Cameron, you are a very rude and unpleasant person but I published a part of one of your comments because I want to respond. In another comment, you say I force my views on people. That is ridiculous. I simply express my views. People can take it or leave it.

      Secondly, I am not a retard but you certainly express you views like one. You say Tardar’s owners give to charity and save the lives of thousands of cats. Rubbish. Give me proof. I expect they give some money to charity. I say “some”. It isn’t much, just a token gesture to try and fool the world that they are not exploiting their cat.

      As far as I am concerned you are one of the many internet trolling idiots that the decent people of this world despise. Don’t respond to this because it will be deleted.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        Well said Michael, those trolls need something better to do than criticise you and your visitors who truly do care about cats.

  9. So does that mean that if a cats owner has parties, noisy children, and have guests petting and holding their cats they are “exploiting” them? So are people who take their cats out on leashes or in cat strollers “exploiting” them?

    Contrary to what you espouse- grumpy cat, while disabled, is no invalid. She is more than capable, as any cat is, to let her displeasure be known if she doesn’t want the contact. She can hiss, scratch just like any other cat. You all are putting YOUR preconceived ideas on Grumpy cat because she happens to be disabled.just because she hobbled when she walks does not necessarily mean she is in pain. You ASSUMED this! There has never been any indication that she has not received veterinary care, but your site seems to have no qualms to OUTRIGHT SLANDER grumpy cats owner, suggesting animal neglect and abuse. Do you have any proof of this?

    You accuse them of profiteering off their cat as tantamount to criminality, you allude to the idea that they either give little to charity, to somehow “conning” charities.the truth is they are not obligated to give anything to charity! How much did Benji’s owner, for example, give to charity? Are Eddie from Frazier? Selling a few t-shirts with grumpys face, making a few videos or guest appearances is not exploiting the cat.

    Finally, you say that people who like grumpy cats memes like to laugh at disabled people or creatures. What a horrid, judgemental thing to say! Most people who’ve seen Grumpy cat memes see still pictures-they don’t even know she is disabled! After all, most memes are of Grumpys face, not her body. Most like her because she is cute, she frowns, she looks grumpy!, nothing more.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      There are various levels of exploitation Laura. We obviously care more about our cats emotional well being than you do if you think noisy parties with people petting the family cat is acceptable, we’d ensure our cats had a peaceful room to retreat to, with all they needed in there. Cats on leash, I personally don’t approve, they are not dogs. Cats in prams, well thankfully that stupid idea hasn’t come to our country, we don’t put our cats in prams like babies. Cats like to experience the sun on their backs, smell and nibble and roll in the grass, cats in fact like to be cats doing what cats like to do.
      But back to the poor deformed cat with the unfortunate name, you obviously haven’t seen videos of the queues of hundreds of noisy excited people waiting to hold her and make a stupid face to be photographed with her.
      You obviously haven’t seen her cringing away from more and more attention, just longing for peace to be a cat.
      I just hope she does get some peaceful time to herself and the reason I hope this is because I truly love cats and it upsets me to see that one so frail and being used as a peep show for people who should have better things to do.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        ps Laura your use of the word ‘owner’ says it all!
        We don’t ‘own’ cats, we are merely their caretakers or guardians, they are living feeling beings with feelings, not material possessions.

    2. So does that mean that if a cats owner has parties, noisy children, and have guests petting and holding their cats they are “exploiting” them? So are people who take their cats out on leashes or in cat strollers “exploiting” them?

      No, of course not. You don’t seem to understand what the word “exploitation” means. It means deliberately making money out of your cat. If you have parties etc. that is not ideal but it is just circumstance. It could be called poor cat caretaking but that is where it stops.

      Taking a cat out in a stroller might even be good for a cat if she or he likes it. That has nothing to do with exploitation.

      You all are putting YOUR preconceived ideas on Grumpy cat because she happens to be disabled

      No, I am concerned with her exploitation. That is it.

      Grumpy cat memes see still pictures-they don’t even know she is disabled!

      Well, they should know. They need to be educated. I am concerned about cat welfare. The owners of Grumpy cat are primarily concerned about exploiting her for financial gain.

  10. 200 comments about this one cat that may be being “exploited” by being held or photographed, in the meantime thousands upon thousands of cats are being euthanized in pounds, or shot, drowned by the bags full in rivers and left die in the elements. Grumpy cat has a family. She doesn’t need help, but many others do. Quit demonizing them and actually help cats in desperate need.

    1. Hi Laura. Well we do help cats in need. We give thousands of US dollars to cats in need and we raise money for cats and we educated about cats and complain about mass euthanasia of cats etc. The whole site is dedicated to cat welfare – wild and domestic! So we do it here on PoC. Secondly, the Grumpy Cat page is one of 8,000 so it is no big deal. If people want to comment great. I don’t make them or ask them to comment. It is that people like to talk about this cat. I don’t.

      Please make sure you understand what we are doing before criticising. That said, thanks for visiting and commenting. I always welcome comments provided they are reasonably polite.

    2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Laura you have no idea how much money in donations Michael of PoC gives to needy cats worldwide and you have no idea of the number of educational articles he writes and you have no idea of the number of cats in the USA and Canada PoC has saved from the amputation of their very essential toe ends, called declawing.
      ‘Grumpy Cat’ may have a family but she is still being exploited because she had the misfortune to be born disabled, have you watched videos of her crawling away trying to get a bit of peace from the relentless gawping of noisy excited people?
      She endures much more than ‘being held to be photographed’
      PoC Michael and regulars DO help many cats in desperate need and that little deformed cat with the dreadful name has as much right to be cared about as any other cat.

        1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

          I will always back you up on this Michael, I feel as strongly as you do about the exploitation of this poor cat.

  11. Amelia posted a very long comment on March 26, 2013 at 8:32 pm which begins with rolling your argument into one sentence. Here is part of her comment:
    “…I’ll try to quote you as exactly as I can, since I see above that you’ve blatantly dismissed arguments on the basis of paraphrasing and singular changed words: ‘I know a lot about shitty human behavior [therefore] I feel the owners are seeking a bit of fame and money…at the expense of their cat [and have a] ruddy video camera that is hounding her [Grumpy Cat] day and night.’ ”

    Her comment, in its entirety, is incredibly well written and thought out. She touches on and challenges all of your concerns and plays devil’s advocate with tact, which is not always easy to do. She did the research and found legitimate sources for her facts and I enjoyed reading her response, it is by far the best on this thread. She obviously spent a lot of time on her comment and it shows that she really does care about this cat’s welfare and your anxieties surrounding it.

  12. Michael; Amelia schooled you, you just can’t admit it. I am a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology, and that’s my professional opinion.

  13. I’d heard that the cat’s name was originally just Tard because she was retarded and the owners thought that was funny. But PR people came up with the Tarder Sauce so that people wouldn’t catch on.

    1. That figures. No matter how much the owners try and justify the exploitation, it is still exploitation of a vulnerable cat as far as I am concerned. Thanks for visiting Connie

  14. Catfriend from Germay

    Hello Martin,
    thanks for your answer. No matter where I post a review, I am attacked. I think people do not want the truth, read and hear. Otherwise I can the millions of fans on you tube, facebook and do not explain the entire Internet. I live myself with cats for many years together and I know my way around. For me, this whole fuss is a single animal cruelty. So far, the Munchkin was banned here in Germany. But already there are the first demands for Munchkin, because Grumpy cat is sooo cute. God help us so much stupidity!

  15. Catfriend from Germay

    I’m from Germany and I love cats. Thank you for your words. Everything is true. Grumpy cat is a genetically malformed cat namely a so-called snowshoe munchkin . Genetically , the two normal Shorthair cats ( from the color of her already ) may not be the true parents . But when it comes to so much money, then of course it makes a lot better stories to tell. However : Grumpy cat can not walk properly , or really jump or climbing.Her legs are shortened, the history term comes from a genetically malformed jaw , which is also a deformed front paw and the tail is not like a normal cat . Do people because no eyes in your head? Anyone who loves cats, this business should not continue to support ! I do this poor creature just sorry !
    Sorry, but my English is not very good. My text was translated with google . I hope you understand my comment anyway

    1. Hello Catfriend from Germany. I love your comment. The Google translation is OK. I understand you completely and I am very pleased to get a comment from a German living in Germany. I am also pleased that you agree with me. Great! Come back cats need people like you.

      This is a Google translation of my comment:

      Hallo Catfriend aus Deutschland. Ich liebe deinen Kommentar. Die Google-Übersetzung ist OK. Ich verstehe dich vollkommen und ich bin sehr erfreut, ein Kommentar von einem in Deutschland lebenden Deutschen zu bekommen. Ich freue mich auch, dass Sie mit mir übereinstimmen. Great! Komm zurück Katzen Menschen wie Sie brauchen.

  16. i agree with you that ” Grumpy cat ” does not seem happy . She has sad eyes. i think she could be in pain or discomfort. God wants us to care for animals . It is not fair on the cat to take her out in front of large crowds and to travel such a lot with her. Many cats hate traveling, and are scared by it. Cats normally hate loud noises. The owners seem to annoy the cat in some of the You tube videos, by trying to get her to bite their fingers, and by waving their hands close in front of her face. They are treating their cat more like a toy !

  17. I don’t think I’ve read a more idiotic article than this one. Nothing stated has been researched. The “facts” are all wrong. It reminds me of the concept that some people are too stupid to know they are not smart.

    1. I wrote it. It was not researched. I made observations based on a knowledge of cats. It is valid to do that. Secondly, I am correct in that this disabled cat is being mercilessly exploited. The exploitation has increased significantly since I wrote the article. I therefore completely disagree that the article is “idiotic”. It is a good article written with passion and concern for a cat who looks unwell.

    2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      The stupid people are the ones encouraging the exploitation of this poor cat, not the ones who love and care about all cats and are concerned about this particular cat right now.
      Queuing up to hold this cat, photographing her, buying ‘Grumpy Cat’ stuff, not giving a thought to how she must long to have a bit of peace to simply be a cat.

    3. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Here are some quotes from the animal welfare act, I think the exploitation of poor ‘Grumpy Cat’ would cause concern to the RSPCA if she lived in our country:

      ‘Cats are territorial and become very attached to places. They are naturally frightened of unfamiliar places and smells’
      Do not force your cat to interact with people or animals that it does not like, and make sure it can avoid them’

      ‘Ensure that cats in your care are handled properly and are not stressed or endangered by other adults, children or animals’

      ‘Try to minimise fear and stress in your cat’s daily
      life. By doing so you will decrease its risk of
      certain illnesses’

      And off topic a bit but this is what we’ve said all along to those people who think squirting water etc at cats is acceptable, here in black and white it says punishment is not acceptable!

      ‘Never shout at or punish your cat. It will not understand and will just become more nervous or scared.
      You should only use positive reward-based training, and avoid harsh, potentially painful,training methods’

  18. Yes, they are making money off images of this cat, but in return they have money to get this cat the best possible health care. Other people have taken images of this cat and created pages that are not even associated with the owner of Tardar sauce. If you go to the original grumpy cat page you will see photos of this cat enjoying life. If you only look into this cat’s eyes in most photos she looks very blissful, and content.

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting but I disagree. A cat caretaker should have the money to care for their cat whatever. And Tardar is being mercilessly exploited for monetary gain. It is simply. Her owners do it for money. I also disagree that she is content. You don’t know if she is in discomfort. My guess is that she could be.

  19. Grumpy cat has the bone deformity due to a genetic problem so she must have been examined at least once or twice honestly she doesn’t seem to have severe problems at all but I do have to agree with you they really shouldn’t exploit her but then again humans get exploited ever day on the Internet so why is a cat such a big fuss?

    1. I guess we have a responsibility towards animals that are vulnerable, whereas when a human is exploited they can at least fight back one way or another. Cats can’t. They have to accept it.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        Yes Michael is right, cats can’t speak for themselves so we who care about them need to do it on their behalf if they are being exploited as poor Grumpy cat is!

  20. I couldn’t possibly read this whole thread, but I am one of those people who is very sensitive to animal exploitation, especially in the name of entertainment, and I wholeheartedly agree with your stance. Animals should be treated with kindness and respect and this cat appears ill. This cat has been subjected to the stress of flying all over the country to make appearances, appearing listless and uninterested in its surroundings, which is not the nature of healthy felines. These appearances are clearly NOT for the cat’s benefit. The family has made a few donations, sure, but they apparently made six figures off this cat so far. They seem to be enjoying the notoriety while they exploit this kitty. The majority of people in the world today just don’t seem to have a clue when it comes to genuine empathy when it comes to animals. They just want to believe the happy, superficial story so that they don’t have to inconvenience themselves with the burden of the truth. I would say that’s the same case for the owners. Animals should just be loved and cared for, period. They should not win us prizes or bring us fame, especially when they are likely suffering. They are sentient beings and deserve to be honoured as the precious gifts of life that they are. Thank you for writing this, Michael. Even if people hiss and spit at what you’re saying, down deep I’m sure it resonates somewhere in their souls and just maybe it will make them think about the issue a little more deeply.

    1. Thanks Terri. I like your support. My article was criticised but I don’t give a damn because I know in my heart that it is exploitation. It is obvious. It feels wrong and as you say if people stopped and listened to their emotions rather than running around mindlessly chasing the god dollar, they too would agree with me.

  21. I completely agree Michael.
    Isn’t she called “Tard” by her owners as short for Tardar Sauce. Why did they spell it as retard???? Isn’t that a cruel thing to call a deformed, possibly mentally retarded animal? I know it’s just a cat but wouldn’t it be screwed up for everyone to be laughing at funny looking pictures of down-syndrome babies? Not that they should be hidden and not seen.. but they shouldn’t be made sport of.
    Not that I really care.. it’s just WAY too overhyped.. the cat is deformed.

    1. Tardar got her name (misspelling and all) from her owner, a 9 year old little girl. Has anyone noticed that alot of the pictures that they use of grumpy cat are the same photo with different quotes posted. if you visit her face book page she is shown playing outside, sniffing flowers, etc.. I dont think that people are laughing at the cat itself, but the comments that accompany the pictures.

      1. Hi Julie thanks for visiting. Tardar has made a lot of money for her owner and has been used constantly for commercial gain. I don’t like it.

  22. Yes she may look like she is in pain that’s what I noticed too, but she still plays. She may not move very fast but she still at least play with her owners and other cats. Cats are as determined as humans, yes they can feel pain but that won’t stop them from doing what they want to do. I’m literally in pain 24/7 with a leg disorder but it hasn’t stopped me from running around and having fun just like it hasn’t stopped her! Tardar Sauce proves that no matter how much pain you’re in, you still have to keep moving.

  23. I’m backwards?! Oh no!! So you believe we came from evolution huh? That’s a whole different topic that I could school you on, but I won’t, because I am gettingpleasure out of making you allmad with by comments. And I’m typing on a phone so forgive me grammer Nazis! You all think animals are equal to humans? Were alpha for a reason..I’m a modern man, who deals with things in perspective, not in a sugar coated world you all do, your probably the same simple minded fools who voted obama into office and think hes doing a good job! Deal with it folks, this is the world we live in, I don’t condone animal cruelty, but taking photos of an animal and putting then online, or making a profit is genius. You are mad cuz u work for the man, and you mad about your lives! Go ahead and gimme your rage, you make me smile how simple you are.

    1. Sorry but you have it wrong. We just care about behaving well towards companion animals and cats in particular. The world needs to improve yet you seem to thing it doesn’t.

      You are clearly uneducated.

      “..so forgive me grammer Nazis!”

      What in heaven’s name does that mean?! Really go back to your cave or your pick up truck…You are banned because you are irritatingly stupid.

  24. I just wanted to stir up some chaos with you people. I was looking into buying me of these cats, and seeing all you whiners crying about inhumane this and that is silly. What about people who use their kids? Or animals that go on the Westminster dog show? Animals are put on earth FOR US! Vegan n tree highers and people who want attention are all you are. I hope I make you mad, that’s my plan, to annoy and irritate. You all are the ones who need to grow up they make money off this and you don’t. Deal with it, wimps.

    1. You don’t make me mad you PATHEDIC (your spelling) little boy,I pity you,I could eat bigger men than you alive.You’ll never stir up chaos for us,you’ll never get the better of Micheal who OWNS this site,you’ll never be man enough to equal him.
      Animals were not put on earth for us,they were here FIRST don’t you know,oh your education is sadly lacking,what are tree HIGHERS?
      You can’t even spell basic words.
      Go and play with your little pals there’s a good wimp.

    2. Animals are put on earth FOR US!

      My God you are backward aren’t you? You probably believe you were created to have dominion over animals.

      You should be living about 2,000 years ago. No, on second thoughts you are living 300,000 years ago in a cave sharpening a flint tool on the end of a branch.

      You are the modern version of Neanderthal man.

  25. You all are a bunch of tree hugging cry babies, who cares if the owners of tardar sauce take pictures. Go cry more you pathedic losers.

    1. We are not crying. We are just concerned about a cat and about exploitative behavior by people. People like you concern me too: the unpleasant types who just don’t understand.

    2. “seemoar,” why are you even commenting on this website? Why are you so angry? -just curious. why r u so frustrated and angry? …?

    3. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      seemoar you are the pathedic (YOUR spelling) loser and maybe when you grow up you will realise just that.

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