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  1. In your post, you mentioned a few medical problems that you believe could cause the “OMG” face on a cat. I think that the issue is that most people assume that if an animal feels pain, they will react the way we do. That isn’t necessarily the case. Dogs and cats will often act as if there is no pain and/or distress when in fact there is. This is why, in many cases, the “problem” gets too far gone to treat.

    I had a cat that also used to do this. I took her to vets at least once a year. She always had a clean bill of health. When she was about 5, she started coughing. Even though she was an indoor cat, and not around other cats, I thought she may have somehow gotten feline pneumonia and took her to the vet. The vet couldn’t find anything wrong until he looked in her mouth. All of her jaw teeth were rotten and broken off. According to the vet, due to her age and good health, it had to be a hereditary problem. All of the teeth would need to be pulled, but the infection needed to be taken care of first. After 2 weeks of antibiotics, the infection had gotten worse. That was when she started doing the OMG face. Two more weeks of antibiotics, and one of her pupils “blew”. It was round instead of the normal cat eye slit. The face she was making was her dealing with the pain and neurological issues from the abscess. BTW, the abscess couldn’t be seen except by x ray. She was the only cat that I ever had that I actually loved and she passed away from complications from an abscess with no outward “signs” of pain although she had to be in a considerable amount. If I were Choco’s owner, I would take him to the vet immediately. It could be an abscess, or it could be neurological.

  2. I think it’s a fake. Look at the movement of the muscles on the side of her face, they don’t move like it seems they should move. Otherwise, I’d agree. This is a serious issue.

    • Like some kind of repeat button used making the video? I can’5 look at the video until I get the wi-fi at the coffee shop.

    • Thanks Dan, it didn’t really occur to me that it was manufactured. It could be. I don’t think the person who made it has the ability to manufacture the video like that because it is difficult to do. But, yes, it may be a fake.

  3. I have a lot of photos of my cats doing this. Mine do it as a yawn and it only lasts a few seconds. I’m emailing you one of Furby that I did a cute caption on. As to my getting a photo like this I have to be ready with the camera when the cat first wakes up.

    Here are the pictures:

    • I agree they look very similar is a still image but Choco opens his mouth slowly and then holds it open well beyond the usual limit.

      I had an idea as to how it might have been done. If Choco did yawn the video could have been cut on a loop. So the same bit of video material is re-shown over again which would extend the length of the yawn. Although the way the mouth is opened does not look like a yawn. And it is seamless. So I am not convinced it is a fake.

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