What is your cat’s feline-ality?

I like this. It is fun and I am sure it is useful in placing rescue cats with suitable new homes. ASPCA runs a “Meet Your Match program”, which entails placing rescued cats at shelters into categories based on their personality – “feline-ality”. This helps matching cat to person and home. It is an extension and refinement of the shy/bold categorisation. I complained a long while ago that there was no standard temperament testing at shelters.

I also devised a cat personality questionnaire based on Dr Fogle’s work, that might amuse you.


feline-alities. Top picture by AlishaV. Bottom picture by PuzWorld.com

There are nine feline-alities some of which I find a bit tricky deciding what they are! The truth is that all cats probably have a bit of all of these personality traits but you should recognise one or two that stand out in your cat.

Private Investigator – this cat likes to disappear and stays out of trouble. He seems to be a fairly secretive sort of cat. He works undercover!

Secret Admirer – this is a “level-headed” cat who takes her time to get to know you but when she does she is loyal and a great companion. She is probably a little reserved but sensibly so.

Love Bug – likes a nice, quiet time on your lap, kneading you. This sort of character likes to be close to people and likes that to be reciprocated in a stable, quiet home.

The Executive – busy, bustling cat who thinks he is an executive working for a company. Has a well diarised and scheduled life. Checks what is happening outside and anywhere else.

Sidekick – nice middle-of-the-road reliable cat companion. Neither nervous nor overly bold.

Personal Assistant – You know this character. Helps with all your jobs but somehow tends to stop you doing them. Computer work? He’ll be there – on the keyboard……vvvvvvvvvvv xxxxxxxxx !!!!

MVP – Most Valuable Pussycat – smart and calm he entertains himself but likes being entertained too and likes some human contact from time to time. A resourceful cat.

Party Animal – all play and no work makes a party animal. Likes to play with anything including humans, to the limit, sometimes, and explore and in doing so makes you smile.

Leader of the Band – bold, demonstrative cat who probably leads a group of cats or would if he had the chance. Alpha type? Adventurous but has time to be with his human and show affection.


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What is your cat’s feline-ality? — 8 Comments

  1. Jozef is a cross between the MVP and Leader of the Band.
    Walter is most definitely Barbara’s Purr-sonal Assistant, in fact at times she is his PA as he walks on her keyboard and then takes over her computer chair lol


    • I sort of guessed you’d say that 🙂 I think I know them almost. As for Charlie. Well, he’s retired…..

      He was a personal assistant but got the sack. As for his alpha, leadership days, long gone, too lazy. He’s a sort of love bug judging by the way he hogs the bed! Party animal? No not any more if he ever was.

      He’s in his deckchair on the veranda…snoozing.


      • Good for Charlie, being retired is great!
        Walt and Jo have gone walkabout over the embankment as it’s such a lovely day here, hot and sunny, so I’ve taken my chance to mow the lawns because when they are sunbathing in the garden they put up a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign


        • lol – ‘do not disturb’ – its funny because I can picture that just perfectly so 🙂

          My Lilly is an investigator and the life of the party. Gigi sadly is going through a troublesome period where she has lost her enthusiasm for life and it’s going on a bit too much. She was always a cat who just loved to play and play. Molly is more the middle ground one who can look after herself a bit but also likes to play and cuddle – very in the middle of everything.

          We just have to get Gigi out of her depression – I hope it will be soon. She is not particularly motivated to play. It’s quite sad actually.


          • Have you taken her to the vet, Marc? Maybe it’s time to get the catio built on that balcony like you were talking about. How old is she again? Maybe she’s just at that age where she’d rather sleep than play much of the time. As my pastor would say, maybe she is “turning into a rug.” He claims this happens at seven, but I think his cats are overweight, so they slow down sooner. Is she a healthy weight? I hope it is nothing serious! I was going to suggest new toys or a scratching post, but didn’t you just get them some new cat furniture? How could any cat be depressed living with you? You are so attentive to your cats. Maybe there is a hormonal or medical issue at the root of her depression.


  2. Monty is the executive (I call him a busy cat with things to do) and my personal assistant. He’s also a bit of the MVP.


    • I think the mix of executive/personal assistant and MVP is one of the best. It is a nice melange 😉 I think we will have to mix these personality traits because they must overlap.



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