What kind of cat do I have?

My cat is beautiful. Let me start there! He was a rescue so I have no information on him. The vet said that he is approx. 2yrs old as of April 2015. He is solid black. Deep dark rich black. No markings of any kind. His most notable physical feature is his tail. It’s poofy.

Black cat
My cat!
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I have seen cats when they are angered or annoyed & their tails puff or swell for lack of a proper term. His tail is like that all the time. It resembles the tail of a fox. A black fox tail. His coat is sleek and smooth.

I would say its medium to long with no undercoat. His personality is unique, I think. He is more like a dog than a cat. He follows me and my husband around the house. He wants to be near us when we are having meals or watching TV.

He will drop to the floor with a loud “thud” when we go to pet him, it’s too cute. Whenever you reach down to pet him he drops like a sack of potatoes and lies there enjoying the attention. He’s very affectionate. From everything I have read about cats they aren’t supposed to be that affectionate. He does not purr loudly at all. As a matter of fact I have to place my ear on his back to even tell if he’s purring.

He “chatters”. Yup, you heard me he chatters at the window while watching birds. I looked it up on YouTube and it is refereed to as chattering or chirping. He talks to me throughout the day, not incessantly just enough to keep me company.

The fur around his neck is thick almost like a mane. His ears are regular cat ears,nothing remarkable. They stick straight up not too big or small they look like they “fit him” just fine. His eyes are a greenish/gold.

The pupils get totally round when he is excited or we’ve given him catnip (so much fun to watch). Other than his eyes the only other color on his body is his little pink tongue. Even the pads of his feet are all black with thick tufts of fur in between his toes. He weighs 12 lbs.

By Anonymous

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9 thoughts on “What kind of cat do I have?”

  1. Michael_I have loved animals since childhood, but couldn’t own a cat until I grew out of my allergies. I researched cat behavior and species etc. while bringing home any critter that came within my path until I moved away from home and adopted then a stray cat. This is where it turned into a lifetime true love of cats by bonding with them, as I did my others pets. I have studied, cared for and even trained cats for about 40 years or longer. My interest have led to assisting with vets and saving neighbors animals who needed medical care or making homeopathic salves & or liquid remedies.
    I just apply what I have learned and give the credit to hands on experience . I will admit to rushing a cat to the nearest veterinarian and diagnosing my own cat and making suggestions for the best treatment. So far I haven’t had a problem with this.I do understand that sometimes a second opinion can be of great value when emotions are factored in. Other times I go on my own instincts due to the fact that I know my Maine Coons and we have a close connection.

    Eva_One of my dreams was to become a natural care vet.
    Most of it has been trial and error and if I get things right, then it’s just plain good luck and common sense in the end.

  2. He appears to be a natural bred cat of tabby origin with predominate Maine Coon features * Possibly one parent from each group. Enjoy him and love him enough to be extra observant if he acts out of character or goes out of his way to get your attention. These cats are indeed very healthy and smart; but your breed is so lovable that you may not notice any illness or infection if it ever happens with him. Maine Coons do not want to be a bother and continue playing and snuggling and chatering, even if they don’t feel well.One thing I am guessing is that he is verbal and communicates openly with you. If he has a problem he will jump on the table or do something he knows he should not just to make you look at him and make sure thru his veterinarian that all is well. I am not saying he is ill.
    Eva_ does he Chortle ?

  3. He is a very handsome looking cat and it sounds like he has an lovely personality to match his good looks. Michael’s description of his coat is spot on. Your cat is still quite young, so his coat may grow a little longer/thicker over the next year. (It seems that a lot of long haired cats don’t often have their full adult coats until they are around 3.)

    In all honesty, breed has little effect on personality, because pedigrees are bred mainly for looks, rather than temperament. I’ve had moggies who flopped onto their side when they wanted a belly rub. I’ve also heard that behaviour termed as the lazy-cat greeting, because other cats would rub up against your legs or stand on their hind legs to reach up to you for a fuss. The lazy cat makes us bend down to fuss them 🙂

    Cats are very much individuals. It’s true that some don’t enjoy a lot of physical attention, but others are extremely affectionate and enjoy nothing more than snuggling with their owners as often as possible.

    Your boy sounds like he has lot of love to give, so I’m glad he’s found himself such a good home. I hope you have many happy years together, ahead of you.

  4. I recognize the temperament of your very handsome cat, I had 2 Birman’s and they both used to “drop to the floor with a thud”, I don’t know if this is a breed characteristic or if other cats do it too, if not maybe your cat is half Birman, would explain the longish coat, tail and mane too, but not the colour, that would have to come from the other half.

  5. Firstly, thanks for writing about your cat and using the visitor article input form. Great.

    You cat is indeed beautiful. Handsome might be a better word. He is a medium-longhaired, black random bred cat with a plumed tail. The ruff around his neck and the plumed tail (a cat fancy term) indicates medium longhair or long hair. But his hair is not long so we’d have to designate it as medium-long.

    That is about it really. He has a great character too. And a hidden little benefit is that his black coat might make him more healthy than the average cat. Also random bred cats are generally more healthy than purebreds.

    Good luck to you both.

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