What Kind of Cat is This?

What Kind of Cat is This?

PLEASE TELL ME WT KIND OF CAT THIS IS...Hi Anonymous... the answer is simple. This is a wildcat - the serval.

In this instance it is obviously being treated as a domestic cat, which is not that uncommon in the USA. It is in someone's home as a pet.

Servals can be domesticated - see video below. But they are large. The size of a large dog. And their size makes them a little intimidating to be around to be honest - see second video.

This leads not infrequently to people declawing them. A totally unforgivable thing to do.

And that leads to the next problem. Servals naturally like large areas of many square miles to roam in as their home range.

They might like to escape. If they escape their enclosure or home (some people keep them as full-time indoor cats extraordinarily) and they do not have claws you can guess the outcome. They end up dead or injured one way or another. They also spray a lot. When I photographed a male serval in an enclosure he sprayed me three times! I was covered in urine. This is the serval I am talking about:

Serval Morpheus Hissing

It was perfectly normal for him and I have no complaints. It was my fault.

If you are thinking of acquiring a serval as a pet - don't, please. People should find ways to let them live naturally in their own space in the wild.

Here are two serval videos:

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