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What makes an animal lover? Answer: growing up with animals. — 3 Comments

  1. Happy New Year Mike,
    I follow several animal rights and rescue groups in India, Wildlife SOS, PETA Asia are just two.
    I spent the days before and after New Years watching Lakshmi India’s skinniest elephant be rescued. She is also the most abused elephant anyone has ever seen. As you know some people call animals dumb and fell no pain etc.
    The Wildlife SOS team had to spend days on the ground before they could even think about getting Lakshmi to hospital.
    Upon arrival Lakshmi followed with her eyes the elephants painted on the truck. Then to every ones surprise she hugged the picture. No one on the thread had a dry eye. Watch her assessment video which is just one of 2 dozen. Her loneliness and sadness is at 1: 13

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