What medicine is good for cats with arthritis? Try Seraquin

Seraquin, a joint supplement you can buy online, is highly recommended by an experienced cat caretaker/guardian who knows about cat welfare and health having been a vet tech. It is not a drug but a neutraceutical and therefore very safe (no side effects as far as I know).

Seraquin for cats
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Seraquin for cats

Ruth aka Kattaddorra says the following in a comment on a page about dealing with feline arthritis. On that page I omitted to refer to Seraquin, hence this article.

“We’ve found Seraquin chewable tablets have worked a miracle with Walter who is now 15 years old and earlier this year his arthritis was so bad he had difficulty jumping and was obviously uncomfortable climbing. Veterinary tablets or powders were very difficult to get him to take and did no good. With our vets blessing we put him on Seraquin, a nutritional supplement, which is very palatable to cats, he loves them, 2 a day, he chews them up and looks for more. He jumps now where he had to climb before! Our vet is impressed! I agree with Albert, massage is good too, we have a vibrating hairbrush and Walt loves to be brushed all over with it.”

What is Seraquin? The manufacture says this: it is a supplement containing a mixture of the well known Glucosamine and potent antioxidants called curcuminoids. It is claimed the antioxidants help to mop up the free radicals in the joint. These free radicals contribute to joint degeneration. Curcumin has an anti-inflammatory effect. Glucosamine is a large protein found in the fluid and cartilage of joints. Seraquin is used by people.

If someone has tried it for feline arthritis or even on themselves I’d very very pleased to hear from you in a comment.

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Michael Broad

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4 Responses

  1. Cat's Meow says:

    Thank you so much for the info! My oldest cat is almost eight and I will be prepared for any signs of arthritis.

    I wonder if Seraquin also works for dogs?

    • Michael Broad says:

      Yes, it works for dogs and I think dogs get joint problems more commonly than cats so Seraquin is probably more often used for dog arthritis and joint issues.

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