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  3. There are a couple of reasons you may have forgotten. 1. In the US, rescues often ask you to sign a paper that you’ll keep your cat indoors. 2. The US vets and shelters strongly insist that you keep your cat indoors which of course influences the mindset. 3. Some condos complexes in the US require that cats are kept indoors. Of course, this isn’t always enforced, in our complex we have this rule, but there are still some outdoor cats and nobody touches them, but there is always a fear that something would happen. In a co-op my parents used to live, there was a really nice little courtyard surrounded by several buildings, and there have always been cats there. But then the co-op introduced a rule that all cats need to be kept indoors, but it only applied to new cats not those already allowed outdoors which, of course, made it impossible to enforce. At any rate, this adds to the general intolerance for outdoor cats and fear that if you allow your cat outdoor a neighbor that doesn’t like outdoor cats catches it and takes it to shelter or something like it.

  4. i feel there r far more reasons to keep MY cats indoors than to let them roam. the least of these to me are preadators cuz i live n the city. there r cars, catching something from rats/squirrels/& other cats, not to mention that even being able to “defend themselves” does NOT guarantee that they will come away without a scratch even if they “win”(& it adds an UNNECESSARY vet visit especially if they “lose”), then there r people that will try to keep YOUR cat for their own even if they have a collar(which means if u let YOUR cat out & they r gone for a while they MAY not b coming back no matter how hard u search for them), & the poisoners/cat-killers out there. there r also those few good-natured people that will trap your cat n order to find its owner, but being trapped is still a traumatic experience for them(tho if MY cat EVER got out id rather one of them find him than the others!). lets not forget that cats have been domesticated for a VERY long time which means 2 things: 1 they r USED to living alonside people i.e. WITHIN their domisiles & 2 a cat BECOMES FERAL when they r left to their own devises…outdoors(& there r a TON of dangers associated with THAT too). i DONT think this is an American, UK, S.America, etc issue.ii FEEL(MY opinion ONLY) its how deeply connected to our animals. i LOVE my cats & i WANT to keep them safe NO MATTER WHAT. i make sure they r stimulated, i spend time with them as often as possible…INSIDE. i believe that if u do THAT they wont NEED to go outside, which i DONT believe they NEED to at all. ive seen among many of the Hispanic people IVE lived near(again NOT saying ALL just those I have lived near, i.e. my neighborhood)that they have a VERY lax behavior towards their animals, both dogs AND cats. they tend to let them roam & do whatever they wish & if u call them on it(their dog poohs n your yard or tears it up)they take ZERO responsibility saying “its what they do” & if their cat gets hit its the kids that cry & the parents that say “thats what happens if u dont run fast enough”. again, i am NOT saying ALL just those ive lived near, but i FEEL that THAT kind of attitude indicates a lack of respect for the animal as well as a disconnect, a lack of true affection FOR their pet. its like having a pet for the fun, but not the responsibility inherant n having a pet(or companion. to me it means the same thing cuz itd crush me if ANYTHING happen to my cats, & it doesnt get any closer than THAT for me, plus my cat will soon become my emotional rescue pet or whatever they call it). personally i HOPE more people start keeping their cats indoors so NOONE sees the body of a cat laying on the side of the road cuz it got hit, or finding out their cat was caught by someone that doesnt care & harmed or killed them, let alone if their cat loses a fight & has greiviuos injuries as a result…maybe having to b put down(which our vet has said happens more times than shed thought before she became a vet). theres WAAAYYY too much out there that could happen when MY cat is outside of MY supervision for ME to allow that. i see it like how i care for my kids. i DONT let them go wherever they want whenever they want cuz I LOVE THEM & WANT TO KEEP THEM SAFE; if i didnt id let them b left to their own devices(& id pay the consequences for it too, i.e. teen pregnancy, drugs/alcohol dependance, car crashes, etc). i let them go out & do things, but AFTER i KNOW its a safe place for them to b. THATS MY JOB as a parent. it will NEVER b safe for a cat left outside to their own devices. they r curious which is a good & bad thing. they dont say ‘curiosity killed the cat’ for nothing. however bad of a joke that was its still true. cats curisoty has gotten them killed far too many times. thats why indoor cats get trapped by bad people so often, or poisoned. it SUX that there r people out there like that. it SUX that some people dont pay attention when they drive. unfortunately its a fact of life, one we MUST take into consideration if we truly love our pets. im NOT saying that the people that allow this DONT care for them. i think we dont always see the dangers of things unless its been brought to our attention. THAT is why im saying all this, so others will HOPEFULLY see the real dangers of letting their cat(s) roam free, & HOPEFULLY reconsider. if not they its duly noted & they can take the consequences to themselves, their family, & most importantly their cat(s) on themselves.
    apologies if i pissed ANYONE off by this. that was NOT my intent. God Bless

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