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  1. Hi this is an update. I received the email from Purina. This is it:

    Dear Mr Broad

    Thanks for contacting the PetCare Team earlier today. I am sorry is has taken a little while to get back to you.

    I have spoken to the factory and I can confirm that we do not use preservatives in this product because it is thermally processed in hermetically sealed pouches, which means they are not necessary.

    Once opened, of course, this means they must be treated as fresh meat and stored accordingly.

    Please feel free to contact me again if there is anything else I can help with.

    Best regards,

    Karina Rix
    Pet Care Advisor

  2. My cats have felix too they seem to prefer it, now I,m a bit worried but what are the choices. My Tiggy who passed recently had an overactive thyroid but she was 14 and had a heart condition too which was what killed her in the end !!

    • Hi Valerie, I am still waiting on Purina to tell me what the preservatives are. They are not very keen to tell me it seems.

      As for hyperthyroidism that could be caused by the iodine in cat food but no one knows. Not even the vets. I find that state of affairs unsatisfactory.

      I’ll do some more work on this for other cat foods tomorrow and hopefully I will have heard from Purina by then.

  3. ‘She recommended that the cat food was not available for eating after about 30 minutes to one hour after opening the packet (pouch or can)’

    This a very worrying for many cat caretakers, including us, does it include folding the sachet over or re covering the can to finish later, or just the food on the cats plate?
    I hope you get some more information soon Michael.

    • It did not fill me with confidence either. As it happens I told her that Charlie prefers wet cat food when it is about five hours old! That stopped her in her tracks.

      I chased her for the information about preservatives and she told she is still waiting for the information from one of the technical staff.

      I am still waiting at 6:42 pm.

  4. Micheal thank you for doing this it’s very worrying as my cats like Felix best and I do turn a blind eye that it’s made by a cruel firm and feel awful that I do but our cats needs have to come first.

  5. Interesting – I really want to know more about this. I am scared of giving my cats big brand name food for so many years because I think they will get cancer from all the sh*t that is in it. I think that its more like cat junk food – full of junk basically and of course they find it yummy – just like a kid wants to eat 10 mars bars. I don’t trust these foods over longer time periods. But I don’t have much of a practical choice – I don’t have relatively easy access to any other type of food. They dominate the market with their junk food. Purina is part of Nestle – one of the few awfully embarassing and bad things Switzerland has put in this world.

    • At the moment mine are eating Felix because its the nicest seeming food. Whiskas and Kittecat seem awful and stinky and generally disgusting but I am sure Felix is too just in another way.

    • I am in exactly the same position. I am still waiting for an email from Purina as to what preservatives are in their cat food. I’ll report back asap. I’ll phone them this again afternoon if I don’t get an email. From what I know of preservatives in pet food they are potentially dangerous. It is a question of the amount but over a long period small amounts can cause health problems – a compounded problem.

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