What shelter dogs need in an infographic

Well, here we go again. I have just created an infographic on what shelter cats need so here is one about what shelter dogs need. The reasons are not very technical. They are almost commonsense. All you have to do is recognise what domestic dogs need and ensure that those needs are provided as good as is practically possible in the shelter environment which is going to be hard but doable. It takes enlightened committment from management which stems from a genuine passion for animal welfare and compassion for vulnerbale animals supported by good management techniques in motivating staff to work to transparent high standards and targets. There is also a need to avoid becoming innured to what might be a fairly bleak environment as all the animals are surrendered or lost. They are acutely vulnerable and their very lives sometimes hang on a thread. It is down to shelter staff to ensure that the thread does not become frayed and broken.

What shelter dogs need
What shelter dogs need. Click on the infographic to be taken to the original where it can be downloaded under a Creative Commons license.
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