What sort of person participates in Warrior Cats RPG?

I know the sort of person who is involved in Warrior Cats RPG. This poll is Warrior Cats RPG participant profiling. Young women dominate as expected. ‘RPG’ is ‘Role Playing Game’. A lot of people used to be involved in online role playing using Warrior Cats as the setting. The book series is called ‘Warriors’.

It created a parallel universe for RPG participants. They adopted the persona of a cat and fought their battles with other cats and created their own form of political infighting in the mystical, other-world of Warrior Cats. It was very popular at one time and is still enjoyed by diehards. I ran a poll to assess the profile of the sort of person who enjoys Warrior Cats RPG. Here it is:

Warrior Cats RPG person profile
Warrior Cats RPG person profile
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I am proud of the fact that well over 3,000 people took part in the poll which makes it reliable. It was conducted over during the time when Warrior Cas RPG was at its most popular. There was cult following almost at one time.

Warrior Cats is the highly successful series of books which anthropomorphises feral cats living in the forest in clans. There is friction between the clans and a hierarchy within them. This is where the role play comes in as each person takes up a particular cat’s role and persona within the clan. I have not read the books but know quite a lot about them nonetheless. I even wrote an eight part series myself 😉 – It is probably a commentary on human political life.

Warrior Cats

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  1. Michael, I never heard of Warrior Cats, but then it’s not in my personal, very small reality based world.

    I did read a fiction book about cats last year, called “The Great Purr” and felt strongly that it would be a successful movie, with a message to the world. I read a review by someone who felt the same way. All the spoken parts are cats, and the their descriptions and that of the environments are richly vivid.

    I’d be very interested to read your eight part series of Warrior Cats. Would you be willing to share it?


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