What type of cat is the Whiskas cat?

Whiskas cat
Whiskas cat. Screenshot from Whiskas video advert.
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The Whiskas cat 2020, judging by the latest videos on YouTube, is likely to be a purebred American or British Shorthair. Although of these two the appearance is more like the American Shorthair which has a standard looking body and head shape. What makes the Wiskas cat different to most random bred cats is the high contrast and very pretty mackerel tabby coat on a silver background. This is very reminiscent of a silver tabby American Shorthair. I continue the discussion below the photographs.

These cats are all American show cats and you can see the similarity in appearance to the Whiskas cat.

American Shorthair Cat
American Shorthair. Photo copyright Helmi Flick. This is a grey or silver tabby.
Black Silver Tabby Brit SH
Black Silver Tabby Brit SH
American Shorthair Portrait
Photo copyright Helmi Flick — American Shorthair Portrait

So what type of cat is the Whiskas cat? It is tricky to answer the question with certainty but what is interesting is that when you asked this exact question of Google they come up with the answer of British Shorthair. But this is misleading because Google has picked out a page on the Whiskas website in which they discuss the various cat breeds, one of which is the British shorthair.

Whiskas cat
Whiskas cat. Screeshot.

Slightly non-typical British Shorthair

So is the Whiskas cat a British shorthair? Well, as mentioned, I watched some videos produced by Whiskas and in the one below, there is a silver tabby cat featured but the appearance of the cat is not strictly compliant with the breed standard of the British Shorthair. What I’m saying is that the cat in the video looks like a very attractive random bred silver tabby cat but it is probably a slightly atypical British shorthair but it might be also be an American Shorthair. However, this unlikely because I’ll guess that the adverts were made in the UK where the British SH is more likely to be available for the shoot.

Please remember that videos such as the one above sometimes disappear over time for reasons beyond my control and if that has happened I apologise.

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