What Type of Person Owns a Cat (or dog)?

This is a brief summary of the differences between cat and dog owners

Cat owners tend to me more creative than dog owners who are more likely to work in finance, are more likely to view a documentary on television compared to dog owners who prefer horror and action movies, and enjoy reading, writing and doing some gardening while dog owners prefer sports, yoga, dancing and travel.

Mars Petcare conducted a survey of 1,000 cat owners and 1,000 dog owners. It also seems that as dog owners are twice a likely to be in finance they earn more on average than cat owners, $47k compared to $40k.

The extra income may help partially explain why dogs are taken to veterinarians more frequently than cats. Also dog owners tend to spend 33% more on clothing and accessories and 26% more on entertainment than cat owners.

It appears that cat owners are more likely to embrace pursuits which are more gentle when compared to those pursued by dog owners.

Dog owners are more likely than cat owners to go for a run because their dog needs the exercise (25% say they run regularly compared to 16% of cat owners).

Cat owners are more likely to talk to their cats about their thoughts and desires than dog owners (23% to to 19%). This may account for cats being credited with reducing stress in their owners more effectively than dogs (70% to 66%).

The summary of the Mars Percare survey that I read on foxnews.com does not refer to men and women. It simply relates to dog and cat owners. However, it seems to me that the differences between dog and cat owners follows, in broad terms, the differences between men and woman. This makes sense because, as stated, women are more likely to be cat owners than men who prefer dogs.

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