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What were the cat stories and trends of 2014? — 6 Comments

  1. The cat story of the year must be the Paw Project with new branches springing up and vets coming out into the open that they are against declawing and some vets even giving up declawing.
    It may seem like slow progress but it’s more progress than there has been before.
    The pictures and stories of declawed shelter cats rescued and found homes and their mutilated paws being repaired must have touched every cat lover’s heart
    The AVMA had to admit that declawing is amputation but sadly they still don’t say outright how cruel it is.
    Let’s hope 2015 sees an end to declawing!
    More branches have been added in the USA and Canada since I made this poster 🙂

    • Well done Ruth. When I noticed you had commented I added a final paragraph before reading your comment because I know your passions.

      I would dearly love a ban on this stupid, ignorant practise. A ban would make me truly happy.

      Lovely poster, Ruth.

      • Thanks Michael, I have been busy adding my Ruth aka Kattaddorra to all my anti declaw posters, because people have been trying to find out who makes them so as to contact me asking if they can use them.
        I’ve always said anyone can freely use them because all I want is for them to save claws, so I’m very happy that they are being shared far and wide 🙂
        Having made 70 it’s hard to think of more original ones lol so it’s good to see the old ones resurfacing meanwhile.
        I long for the day declawing is banned, too many cats are still suffering, even when some people know the truth they still go ahead and I break my heart for every cat we can’t save.
        We have to get it banned and we will!!!!

  2. Hi Michael,

    And a Happy Mew Year to everyone.

    It’s hard to pick out a favorite article out of all the wonderful information that has been shared on the site.

    What is particularly near and dear to me however, are the stories about your new beautiful kitty and the joy he is giving you. You remind us that although losing a beloved cat (or any pet) is one of the most painful experiences we will have-the grief is so strong and often so long lasting- that there will always be a kitty that finds us to help us heal our hearts and open to loving a cat that has entrusted his or her life to us. That is always a joyous and very special gift- the love that our kitties give us, and the extraordinary pleasure that we derive from sharing our homes and our hearts with them.

    • Thank you Jo, I do love him. It is true. He is like a son to me. I know that sounds crazy. I treat him as a cat, though, and I understand him. I feel I know what he wants and what will make him happy and healthy.

      It is nice to raise a cat from kitten-hood. There is a big responsibility, which I feel and do my best to respond to.

      I hope 2015 is good for you and your family.

      I think of Charlie and I miss him.

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