What would you do if your best friend ended up on your plate?

Eating companion animals

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Each person will interpret this video in their own way. It’ll mean different things to different people. From me, it speaks to me about cat and dog meat. Because in cat and dog meat we have people eating companion animals or animals who should be companion animals.

The pig in the video is an animal that can be domesticated and often is domesticated and can be a pet. I think the pig was chosen for the video because you’ll find the pig as a pet in households albeit rarely and of course the pig is livestock on farms. They are both a friend, a companion animal, and livestock to be slaughtered and eaten all over the world. They sit in that grey area in the middle for some. This is where cat and dog meat sits as well for those people who eat them.

But when you argue it is unacceptable to kill and eat cats and dogs as they do in certain parts of Asia, India, Switzerland (and even the USA) the apologists say that it is no different to eating livestock. I say that it is because they are domesticated companion animals. This was not the deal on their domestication. But livestock is also domesticated. Sometimes cows and pigs can be pets (horses are another animal in this middle area). There is a blurring of the boundaries and this video reminds us that we can often end up eating an animal that could be someone’s companion.

So I guess the video is saying that we should all be vegan and there is a very good point in saying that. It’s probably true in the modern world. We should all stop being addicted to dairy and meat. The older I get the more I believe in being vegan. It is far more respectful of animals with whom we share the planet.

My mind is drawn to a bit of television that I watched today. It was David Attenborough addressing a climate change convention. Here you had the world’s best advocate for animals passionately pleading with the world’s leaders to lead the world in the right direction to prevent climate change which he believes could be catastrophic in the future. He was thinking of both humans and animals. He was thinking of the planet and the leaders of the world today are simply pulling in different directions. They don’t have the capacity to work together. The world has become too competitive and everybody works in their own interests.

It was tragic to see David Attenborough, such an elderly and distinguished gentleman pleading with the leaders to do the right thing. I see a connection between that and the video. They are both about animals, nature, the planet and how to protect, respect and save them and it.

5 thoughts on “What would you do if your best friend ended up on your plate?”

  1. Being vegan or hunter/gatherer will not save humans from the long overdue, impending ice age. Current climate change is more influenced by our planet’s oscillations (a normal set of events before an ice age) than our disgusting habit of environmental destruction.

    I do not deny that our filthy habits and greed contribute to climate change.

    I believe that we can do much to improve our short term prospects as a species:- by losing the fixation with dairy and all flesh, abandoning industrial levels of pastoral and arable farming and finally (and most significantly) by reducing the global population by about two thirds. Humans need to stop reproducing.

    There! Everyone can hate me now! 😸

  2. You should move out to the country, and watch in the autumn as ammonia-gas-clouds waft across the setting-sun, from the 100% anhydrous (pure) compressed liquid-ammonia (we’re not talking about that 2%-3% ammonia-water that you buy in your store) pumped into the soils of millions and millions of acres of croplands, that are used to grow your vegan diets. Millions upon millions of animals gassed-to-death every year with 100%-ammonia-gas in their lungs (a most excruciating way for anything to die), just so you can sit there pretending you are holier than thou as you chomp on your slimy curds of tofu. This doesn’t count all the habitat loss from turning those lands into deserts to only feed vegans and no other animals on earth. Guess how many native animals have soybeans on their diets and survive by soybeans alone? Only to have those that managed to live there that year and any offspring gassed-to-death that coming fall or have the crop rotated next year to something that is equally off their diets so the next generation just starves to death, ammonia-gas or no. Yeah, vegans are just wonderful humans who don’t harm any animals, aren’t they.

    Did you never read the label on your cat’s food? How many animals did you pay others to kill for you, just this year alone? How many animals did your cats, and those cats that you support being outdoors, torture to death just so you can say, “Awwwww… such a good hunter you are! That’s a good kitty!” The only result of which was to make your own self feel good, no other reason.

    The only question I never find an answer for is why any self-deceptive vegans were ever born in the very first place. Think how many animals’ lives would be saved from suffering to death each year if they removed themselves from the planet — thousands upon thousands of innocent animals who suffer to death for their vegan dinner-plates. But no, they still think that it’s even safe for vegans to keep breeding because they do no harm. Guess again. They’re some of the most destructive humans alive on the planet, especially if they promote the existence of house-cats — killing animals at a rate that is 1,000 times higher than any other faction of humanity. How nice.

      • Become a hunter-gatherer species again, just like nature had evolved you to be. The land could not and would not support any more humans than the land would allow, while also keeping all other species alive. The same way that all other species of earth are kept in balance while making sure they still all exist. Every last one of the species that humans have domesticated would also have to be 100% destroyed eventually, so that they too wouldn’t use their now-faster-than-natural breeding rates to overtake any native species. (Like feral-hogs are destroying huge areas of N. America today.) To get that started I suggest that all humans only feed on domesticated species and nothing else, especially all feral forms of them, and no longer be allowed to farm nor ranch them to intentionally make more of them. This would include house-cats, to wipe them out completely eventually so that nature can get back in balance even faster.

        • You want to turn back the clock to a time 15,000 years from now. Fine. You have the mentality of a someone from that era. Ill-educated.


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