What’s the Best Hoover For Cat Hair?

Do you have a vacuum cleaner that is specifically engineered for pet owners? Do you have a favorite vacuum cleaner which you believe is the most effective for picking up cat hairs?

Miele cat and dog vacuum cleaner
Miele cat and dog vacuum cleaner
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The vacuum cleaner manufacturers like to think that a cat owner needs a specialist machine that is particularly powerful to remove deep down dirt and odours together with those dreaded strands of hair that seem to proliferate and which are found in every corner of the home and on every surface! In order to deal with this onslaught you have to have a super strong, odor-reducing, high suction, mean machine! But do you?

You probably have an ordinary vacuum cleaner. It may be 5 even 10 years old and you find it perfectly adequate because as an experienced cat guardian you have learned how to accept and deal with cat hairs and bits of cat litter that have been trodden into the carpet. Of course, you hardly see the cat hairs any more! That’s the best way to deal with cat hairs – not to actually see them. You know the phrase, “what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over”. I’m a great believer in that ;). It applies to dust as well.

Perhaps the best-known cat and dog vacuum cleaner is the Miele Cat and Dog. This is available in Europe and America in different configurations. The reviews are good. It has a powerful suction and an odour reducing system. It is a high-end machine and is probably desired by houseproud people living in nice houses.


I use a S E B O vacuum cleaner. It is made in Germany. It looks very ordinary but it is highly efficient and well engineered. This vacuum cleaner has several very good features for a cat owner; although I didn’t buy it with pet hairs etc. in mind. It has high suction and the suction does not diminish as the bag fills up. When the bag is full the material inside is so compacted through the suction that it feels hard; evidence of the strength of the suction. I particularly like the optional long extension tube at the end of which is a handheld rotating brush which is powered by the air going over it. In other words, the suction drives the rotor. It is very useful for the bed because it is precise and effective.

I have a feeling that the better the cat caretaker, the less interested the person is in buying a specific sort of vacuum cleaner design for “pets”. They are more concerned about the health and well-being of their cat. I expect that people who are particularly houseproud are more interested in a specialist vacuum cleaner and more concerned about the mess created by their beloved cat. I am sure this is not an ideal attitude.

Rather than being overly concerned about the appearance of the home it is more sensible, before adopting a cat or dog, to reconcile in your mind the fact that your home will not be quite as tidy and as perfect as it once was. It’s about a state of mind and once you have reconciled that matter life’s a lot easier.

42 thoughts on “What’s the Best Hoover For Cat Hair?”

  1. We have a Dyson Animal which is pretty good and my cleaner at work uses a SEBO which is also brilliant. Oddly enough I know someone with a Miele who recommends it very highly for pet hair 🙂

  2. I have an old Kirby and I hate it!
    It was great in it’s day (still is really), but it is too much effort to work with – very heavy.
    I think I’ll check out Caroline’s Hoover recommendation.

    Want everyone to know that I am taking some time off. I’ve had 3 back-to-back-to-back trapping failures with getting all vaccinated.
    It’s time to cool off for a while. I only have about 20-22 left to do, but it’s getting very hard now.
    I’m taking about a week, with maybe a couple of days just to myself, then resume. I want to sleep, sleep, sleep. So, pleasae forgive me if I am scarce for 2 days or so.
    Love to all.

  3. Our leatherlook furniture doesn’t really get hairy a quick rub over with a cloth and a vac round the edges of the cushions now and then keeps it clean, the carpet doesn’t even seem to get very hairy, we (mostly Ruth) hoover every morning and that is that, no stress 🙂

    • Very organised! I have some hardwood floor in my flat and what I find is that Charlie’s hair gets blown up into the corners and along the skirting boards into little balls.

      In the morning when I have been working on the computer and Charlie is next to me, my computer is covered in hair 😉

  4. Hi Michael- neat (lol) article!

    When I was at the Blog Paws conference last year, Bissel had a booth, and I was sorely tempted to purchase one of these,

    And I should have- since the price was much lower at the conference than it is in stores. They were looking for bloggers to write about their products. :::Slapping self on the side of my face:::::

    I have heard a lot of great things about the Bissell. It is touted as really doing a great job with cat hair. Getting cat hair off our couch is almost impossible with a regular vac- so I think I will have to find a way to get one of these asap. Using sticky tape just doesn’t get the job done at all. SIGH

    • This looks really cute and very useful. I think you need something like this which you can grab and just get rid of hairs on the run so to speak. This is a photograph of my Hoover extension that I use for clearing off hair from the bed. I find it very useful indeed to do this especially as Charlie spent a lot of time on the bed with me.

  5. Bigfoot, like Walter, hates it. If conditions aren’t just right (cat outside) I just don’t vacuum. They make the schedule. Marvin on the other hand, wants to wrestle it to the ground to make it shut up.

    My solution for cat hair on the couch, now that Marvin is living inside more and more, is to throw a soft blanket on on the cushions. He loves it. It doesn’t match the rest if the room, but hey….it’s about the cats!

    • Marvin on the other hand, wants to wrestle it to the ground to make it shut up.

      Alpha male tendencies! It is about the cats. I work around Charlie so when he is in one room I hoover the other. I’m always very concerned about him when I’m hoovering and do everything with great delicacy 😉

  6. What I described above, Michael, next to what is a very cleverly engineered machines by Dyson, as you know, priced here at ~450 dollars in the USA, is actually a Hoover. I was suggesting that it’s really a bargain to buy theHoover WindTunnel w/ self-retracting cord for $99. It even has a light to warn you when the filter above the windtunnel cylinder needs to be washed or replaced. I bought mine eighteen months ago. It is used well…at least once weekly 😉 in a five-cat/one-possum/one-raccoon/two-human household, and is easy to maintain. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

      • Michael, you’re right. It’s a zoo, alright. But it keeps life so very interesting and pleasurable! 🙂 Shrimp is the mediator in all things. He’s very good at his job!

        Michael, I replied to Jo above, but it was meant for you to read as well, because I know that you would like to know this, and I do know how much that you care. I am sorry for your losing Missie, too, you know? You know. <3


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